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Today in the world there is an increasing interest for thread lift used since the early 60’s. No hospitalization, no anesthesia, no stitches, no scars at all and a 5-year result, isn’t it a miracle? However, in France, there still are very few practitioners who use this technique and there is a reason for that.

What areĀ the benefits of thread lift?

This thread lift technique consists of making a mesh under the skin with one of four different types of threads, each of them serving a different purpose. The threads’ purpose is to cause local inflammation and collagen increase that will lead to wrinkles filling. Some of the threads do not dissolve and are hypoallergenic, while others made of synthetic fibers can dissolve after some time.

But why in 2000 we didn’t even consider the possibility of a thread lift, and in 2013 we returned to the discussion of this issue?
With an interesting price (compared to a classic facelift) of around 1,000-1,200 euros per treatment area, the thread lift technique seems to be a real anti-aging panacea, but why is it subject to controversies?

The first thing to point out is that this technique is ineffective on the sagging skin, therefore, it is only effective for 35-45-year-old women (and under 55-year-old men). Moreover, despite the fact that this technique has been around a while, it has never demonstrated effectiveness. The result can vary and is never the same. Unfortunately, it happens that the filaments change the position, slip or even break causing painful asymmetries and excessive inflammation which then has to be treated with medication. These days, however, a new thread type being is being introduced which effectively combats skin sagging and, therefore, can be used at a later age (after 55).

What the professionals think

However, French plastic surgeons are in no hurry to apply the new thread lift technology. They explain that the commercialization of these threads started quite recently. Therefore, there is not enough information about the effectiveness of this method yet, as well as about possible complications. A famous French surgeon Jean-Louis Durand quite categorically expressed about thread lift using magic strands. He says ”This technique is used only by surgeons who cannot offer other time-tested, high-quality age-combatting methods. The dissatisfaction rate is extremely high, I personally just do not want to take the risk and to jeopardize my impeccable reputation”.

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