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Sport and sports orthopedics always go side by side. Sport, especially professional, is a constant risk of getting various injuries. And unfortunately traumas occur quite often, and the body works as hard as it can. Injuries vary in severity from light to incompatible with life.

Sports orthopedics in France

Advantages of sports orthopedics in France

Today one of the most common operations is the restoration of torn ligaments. At the same time, people who ask for help do not always understand that you shouldn’t save on health, especially if you are doing sports professionally.

The entire subsequent career depends on the process of restoration, so it is worthwhile weighing the pros and cons of this or that option. Let’s be honest – the recovery from injuries in France has only one drawback – a fairly high price, which not everyone can afford.

However, you can be sure that for your money you will receive quality assistance from leading specialists and accelerated recovery. This combination will allow you to return to training faster and not worry about healed injuries.

Often, we are faced with the fact that the client chooses treatment in France but the procedure of rehabilitation is in Germany. This approach allows you to save money but should you save on your health?

French medicine includes advanced technologies that allow you to restore ruptured ligaments with little invasiveness. Specialists from France in the field of sports orthopedics can do this without bolts, which are set by everyone in Germany and Israel since there the number of clients but not the quality of care has been a priority.

The installation of absorbable bolts holding the ligaments increases the amount of time needed for rehabilitation.

All patients who come to us are convinced that the success of the operation depends on the rehabilitation that is carried out after the operation. However, our surgeons prove that 99% of the success depends on the quality of the operation.

Of course, sports rehabilitation is also important but it is the technology of the operative intervention that determines the speed of your return to sport. Let’s tell one secret: your trainer but not the orthopedist will do the best rehabilitation for you because he knows you and your opportunities.

Arthroscopy in France

How to choose a center for sports rehabilitation

Modern medical centers offer their clients various diagnostic programs and specialized assistance in the field of sports medicine. Today, professional athletes can undergo an in-depth medical examination, obtain admission to sports and improve their health within the walls of one facility. The main task is to choose the right facility.

Sports rehabilitation is a complex process, you can entrust only good specialists. You shouldn’t expose yourself to an unjustified risk, especially, if your future life depends on the success of the treatment. It is not an easy task to find a good specialist. Medifrance Solution will help all those who need the help of highly qualified professionals but do not know who can they trust.

We cooperate with the best and most trusted institutions in France, so we can guarantee a successful recovery in almost 100% of cases. With us, you can get to the best orthopedists in France. Moreover, with Medifrance Solution you can always count on getting discounts because for our clients our partners have special prices.

Our company cooperates with the leading orthopedist of France – Romeo Menard, who is responsible for the health of football and basketball players in the sportiest French city Le Mans.

It’s easier to warn than to restore

Unfortunately, people start thinking about their health only when there are already significant problems, which can only be managed with the help of specialists. Youth is the time of faith in oneself, life at the limit of possibilities, unjustified risk, and belief in medicine.

People tend to think that a good specialist is able to perform a miracle and make the most impossible possible. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, sometimes it is impossible to restore the shaken health.

This is especially true for athletes. The main task of any coach is to give athletes an understanding of how to protect themselves from injuries. It is important not just to know what injuries can be gotten by doing sports but also how to avoid them.

Restoration of ligaments in France

Today, a rare mountain skier or snowboarder skates without protection, although relatively recently protection was a rarity. But even a minor injury can lead to sad consequences. So, the fatal outcome ended the story of a woman rolling around the hill with her children.

Having suffered a head injury, the next day the woman lost consciousness and fell into a coma, never leaving it. And this was on a children’s slide. And what about the slopes, on which the professionals are practicing?

To date, among the most common injuries, there are not only bruises and sprains but also head, spine, knee injuries. You can avoid them by following simple safety rules. However, even good training cannot always save from the injuries – no one is immune from an accident, an absurd combination of circumstances.

For this reason, sports orthopedics is highly demanded. There are a lot of specialists in this area in each country, however, athletes should be especially careful in choosing a medical facility.

We all remember the case when the famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko was operated in an Israeli clinic where the doctor guaranteed that the installed structure would last him for the rest of his life but at the first skating, it went out of order. Exposing yourself to such a risk is impossible when at stake there is not only a sports career but also life.

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