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Today facelift consists of several types of demanded procedures by means of which it’s possible to correct disadvantages of appearance arising on a face and a neck with age.

In most cases patients prefer facelift. With the help of experienced professionals, they have an opportunity to get rid of signs of aging.


The essence of rhytidectomy


The operation is aimed at the elimination of the available sagging of face and neck skin. In addition, a good specialist will save the patient from excesses of adipose tissue or will fill up its deficit in case of need.

The principal difference between facelift and plastic surgeries is that its results are hidden from prying eyes. The surgeon’s goal is to restore the lost appearance due to the reconstruction of anatomical structures of the patient’s face and neck.

At the first stage the surgeon eliminates sagging of muscles and only later the skin can be placed on the obtained contours. Under such an approach, it is important to avoid an excessive tension, otherwise, you won’t get a natural result.

peculiarities of facelift

The result of the operation performed by a good surgeon remains invisible to prying eyes as the face and neck look quite naturally. The result of rhytidectomy persists long that favorably distinguishes this operation from other rejuvenating treatments. If the patient needs to remove excesses of adipose tissue, liposuction is made in parallel. It is also possible to eliminate an excessive thinness of face. Injections of the patient’s adipose tissue are made for this purpose.

With the help of experienced professionals, the patient gets an excellent result with minimum impact on appearance.

Unfortunately, facelift can’t eliminate all age changes. Such procedure can’t remove facial lines, wrinkles in the mouth area, laughter lines. Deep lines won’t disappear completely, only their depth will change.

It is worth to go to the surgeon with the appearance of the first red flags: sagging of cheeks, deterioration of the face shape. However, a good doctor will approve the procedure only with a clear motive. For the first time rhytidectomy is usually made at the age of 40 – 45 years, not earlier.

The maximum rejuvenating effect is achieved by a combination of facelift and other procedures: blepharoplasty, laser resurfacing, peeling, injection of drugs.

During the first visit to the surgeon, it is important to explain what effect you want to achieve. Only then he will be able to pick up the most suitable combination of procedures or methods. There are cases when the doctor refuses to do the operation as there is little need to do it. In such cases, it is better to listen to the specialist’s opinion and postpone the operation.

Preparation for rhytidectomy


About a month before the operation the patient needs to take a good long look at his first-aid kit as it is necessary to stop using Aspirin. Besides, it is necessary, at least for 6 weeks to forget about smoking which negatively influences a process of healing.

It is necessary to visit the anesthesiologist who will pick up an optimal variant of anesthesia two days before the operation.

On the eve of the operation it is necessary to wash your hair, and before the procedure carefully wash all the makeup off. It is important to think about your food: it is better to take away food and drinks 6 hours before the operation so that you have no wish to have a bite or drink.

The standard list of preparatory procedures can be changed according to the advice of your doctor.

Peculiarities of the operation


Anesthesia depends on the anesthesiologist. In certain cases, it is possible to use only local anesthesia in which tranquilizers are intervened, however, in most cases, general anesthesia is preferable. The patient stays in the hospital only for 1-2 days.

The doctor gave further details on the operation as different surgeons can have different methods. Only basic principles of facelift remain unchanged. They include cut in the part of the head where it will be least noticeable, namely in the hair and behind an ear.

facelift in France

The cut is necessary to make a disruption of skin. The necessary size of the cut can vary depending on the complexity of a concrete case.

After the surgeon made a disruption of skin, he tenses muscles, eliminating their sagging. At this stage, it is important to keep a natural look of the face, therefore, muscles are tensed precisely and carefully. The following stage of the operation is liposuction which is made if necessary.

After muscles are tensed, and adipose tissue is fine, the surgeon starts laying skin and disposing of its surplus. At this stage, it is also important to keep an eye on the tension. The operation comes to an end with a band-aid which isn’t obligatory in all cases.

The operation can be different among men. That is because man’s face has peculiarities of construction. The average duration of the operation is 2-4 hours.

What should you expect after the operation?


Any operation inevitably leads to edemas and bruises. It doesn’t depend on the qualification of surgeon – that happens anyway. In some cases, there may be painful tension around ears and neck.

Bruises are not a reason to be upset as in 14 days they will completely disappear. But the edema will disappear only in a month. The tissue will find former sensitivity only in several months.

Planning the operation, consider 3-4 weeks of the forced time off to avoid unpleasant situations. You can show your face to your relatives approximately in a week after hospital discharge.

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