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You can hear in queues to our plastic surgeons the English language more often. And also Russian, Arab, Brazilian… Do not be fooled, the rich patients who reached the XVI district do it not for receiving social insurance. They come from across the border to correct the appearance in the most natural way. “They inadvertently speak about “the French” lifting, injections that is a guarantee of success to them”, – tells the plastic surgeon Yael Berdah. Nevertheless, in many countries developed in this area, standards of beauty still remain exaggerated: disproportionate mouths and cheekbones, frozen features… When women show me a photo of the face of some celebrity, I ask them to bring their own portrait in youth. The purpose is not to change your appearance but to improve it.

Smaller quantity of a product, better application

Our developments, some methods of rejuvenation or improvement could be interpreted as modest. For example, face and neck lift, named Novi Lift (No Visible Incision Lift), starts from hair and prevents changes of features, apart from a scar. Carefully dosed and concentrated in several places, Botox leaves a forehead mobile; injected only into one muscle (a brow tip, corners of a mouth), it guarantees very light rejuvenation. The crossing is also carried out: we will shorten the Egyptian nose but we won’t remake it. The used products also have more distinguished character, than, for example, the Brazilian ones.

There are about eight different properties of hyaluronic acid, pec implants are pear-shaped, not ball-shaped, etc. “First of all we listen to people and don’t try to impose a certain style on them. I think that, undoubtedly, Frenchwomen are the most demanding patients in the world in the field of naturalness, and they’ve created this esthetics and therefore our abilities, – continues Doctor Berdah. – Our country has already been perfectly developing in the area of surgery for a long time, but the area of plastic surgery is new. Getting better and better education, having been informed of what is going on abroad, and without an excessive courage, young French plastic surgeons develop own methods”.

naturalness in France

The French esthetic touch

The term “The French esthetic touch” doesn’t belong to our sense of beauty that is from the Renaissance as might be assumed. This term was created by one American journalist of the New York Times a few years ago. In one of her articles, she told about this special “I-do-not-know-what”, created all difference. A lucky find for specialists from France. “Naturalness is an ability which we need to be able to create, – says Doctor Michel Rouif, the secretary general of Sofcep, scientific organization of plastic surgeons.

– We hold conferences on this subject in our country and abroad, for example, last week on the Congress in San Diego. I hope that this approach will find its place soon. It is much more difficult to create a natural face than a standard set of features. Besides superfine infrastructure and professional ethics, refinement is a component of our culture. Not incidentally the greatest actresses and top models come to improve their appearance to us – as, indeed, they dress on Avenue Montaigne”.

The younger generation without complexes

All women would like to grow old as Sophie Marceau, the most popular ideal of beauty.

French beauty

The Best Image

Nevertheless, everything is dependent on the willingness of women. In the USA the first and oldest market of plastic surgery is in great demand. The nose made by a fashionable surgeon is bought up as an elite bag; the more it costs, the more it’s known. People used to criteria of unrealistic beauty. “Twenty years ago Americans set fashion, but today that is not the case, – assures Mr. Rouif. – More and more doctors there criticize these stereotypic faces devastated by surgery. But now we are witnessing mania which came from Asia: manga eyes, apple face. We strive for internationalism, however, in our country, women are still afraid of the deviations which they’ve seen everywhere: on television, smartphones, etc.”.

french touch

Really, ethnocentrism has its borders and where one people see overkill, others see perfection. “Among our compatriots that fall for Botox and other injections, there are two age camps, claims Yael Berdah. People aged 35-45 years strive for supernatural rejuvenation. They don’t want it to be noticed but also don’t hide it. They have difficulties speaking about it even with their friend or husband. Younger people, on the contrary, are free from complexes and strive for huge lips and breasts. Whereas the older generation admires only facial lines of Sophie Marceau (most often named as an example), young people “like” supernatural photogenic of Kim Kardashian.

The most popular description from male residents of London that go for plastic surgery to France


plastic surgery in France


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