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More and more we notice that our food production methods not only influences the way we consume but also our health. With the increase of pesticides and preservatives comes the remarkable rise of cancer, obesity, diabetes cases and even fatal diseases. This is why we need to consider organic food as our daily nutrition option.

So can organic food be a remedy or is it just a huge marketing campaign?

Organic food is sold at higher prices since they are supposed to be more natural, but what actually are they? Put it simply, these are products produced in special ways that respect the environment. How does this affect health? Organic food marketing is very popular, there are more and more people who ‘join’ this growing market. It has been proven that the increase in cancer and other diseases is heavy influenced by our lifestyle and especially our diet. It is important to note this link because it is real. Many studies have shown positive effects of a healthy diet on reducing the risk of developing cancer.

But how are they connected? Nowadays in our food, we can find all kinds of preservatives, pesticides and other chemical products. And they are partly responsible for the evolution of cancers. Moreover, they are present in the most of the cooked dishes and they are never good for our health.

Why do we let the industry poison us with such inappropriate substances?

The food industry is very powerful, it determines how we consume. It can even make wonders and keep the same taste of food until the expiry date. The food preservation is growing and as much as we can call it a technological prowess, there are very dangerous additives used. For example, it can be aspartame, talc, aluminum phosphate, polysorbate 20, etc. Then why do we continue to consume them?

The lack of awareness of food composition is another factor that helps to spread these substances. However, it is hard to blame ourselves that we¬†don’t know much about all the E385, E123, glutamic acid and other unnatural elements that we find on the food packaging.

Very few of us have a profound knowledge of chemistry or food, therefore, it is almost impossible to know what we are really eating. We have the choice to either trust the food industry or switch to alternative consumption ways, such as buying organic products from a local market.

Organic food

Organic food

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