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Today every second resident of the developed countries is concerned about excess weight. In some countries, the percentage of people having excess weight is close to 60 – 70%. Unfortunately, in some cases this problem isn’t only social, it also poses a real threat to human life, therefore various techniques up to surgical intervention are applied. When the help of the surgeon is required and is it possible to get rid of extra kilos by yourself?

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Fight against obesity – is the juice worth the squeeze?

The problem of obesity has reached epic proportions. Even in such countries as China fight against obesity is at the government level. Why extra kilos are a major headache for everybody and why a slim and tight body is so widely promoted?

The answer is rather simple – excess weight leads to serious diseases; in some cases, they can even cause a lethal outcome. Alas, there’s no getting away from this problem. It is senseless to speak about the reasons as they are the result of technical progress thanks to which most people need to do as little as possible.

Along with this, there is a decline in the quality of food intake. Speaking of numbers, only in America, about 300 thousand people die of obesity and related diseases every year. And now do you still think that obesity isn’t a problem?

Is it possible to beat excess weight?

Today it is possible to fight against disturbing kilograms in many different ways. Someone prefers well-publicized wonderful preparations, someone dies in gyms, someone passes out because of another diet. All these methods in some cases allow to receive good results, however, all of them have one significant weakness: weight goes away slowly, but quickly returns if you stop limiting yourself. Moreover, often in pursuit of a dream figure people “kill” their health.

Today there is only one method which proved its efficiency in the fight against fat – surgery. Don’t pass out imagining a surgical table, scars, and cuts. Modern plastic surgery allows getting desirable shape without any risk for the health.

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When surgery is needed

For the good surgeon, there is nothing impossible. Morbid obesity which is followed by other diseases stopped being a burden long time ago as it’s not so difficult to get rid of it now. Excess weight leads to such serious problems with health as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and many others, often it becomes the reason for premature death.

On average, the life of such people is reduced by 12 and more years. At the same time, the mortality rate often doesn’t depend on age. People aged 25 to 35 suffering from obesity have to understand, that without getting rid of extra kilos, they enlarge risks of early death. The mortality rate in this age group is 12 times higher than peers with a normal weight.

Surgical treatment is one of the most radical ways of obesity treatment. People address surgeons only in extreme cases. We think that such a method has outlived its utility as the modern surgery allows to fix a life-threatening problem easily and painlessly. You shouldn’t delay a visit to the surgeon if your weight is already 45 – 50 kg over the limit and your body mass index is higher than 40 kg/sq.m. Also, it is worth visiting a specialist if excess weight led to the development of other diseases, and you couldn’t get rid of it in the standard way.

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Peculiarities of surgical treatment of obesity

In order to get a dream figure, it is worth addressing professionals with an impeccable reputation. Standard surgical restoration of the figure is done step by step. Each new stage is impossible without the previous one, and the sequence of actions has to remain unchanged, as life, health, and well-being of the patient depends largely on it.

The first stage of treatment is the installation of a gastric balloon. The balloon is selected individually and it is custom-made therefore in certain cases it is necessary to wait for it up to 3 months. At this stage of treatment, the surgeon doesn’t even need to make cuts as the balloon is inserted into a stomach via an endoscope.

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The method is rather simple. The balloon fills the stomach, therefore, the patient eats a smaller quantity of food. It is possible to grow thin by means of the balloon no more than 6 months. After the period of use, the balloon is removed from the stomach via the endoscope. At this stage of treatment, patients manage to lose up to 20 kg of weight. Only after that, it is possible to move to the next stage.

The second stage of treatment is selected individually. This stage is aimed at a surgical change of a stomach size. The most popular methods are vertical gastroplasty, gastric banding, gastric bypass, and biliopancreatic diversion. The most difficult type of operation is the biliopancreatic diversion. It implies not only the removal of a part of the stomach but also a reconstruction of the small intestine.

The operation allows achieving sustained weight loss regardless of the patient’s type of nutrition. The biliopancreatic diversion is a very difficult operation demanding a very high qualification and experience. You shouldn’t entrust this operation to unproven surgeons as it can lead to a lethal outcome. The patient who goes under the knife of the inexperienced surgeon risks to die of cardiac arrest.

The third stage is skin tightening. After the operation, the person can lose up to 75% of his weight. Sagging skin doesn’t make the person more attractive. In this case, it is possible to make your skin beautiful again only by means of plastic surgery. However, the good specialist will do such operation only one year after the second stage of treatment.

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