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For the majority of our patients the phrase “knee endoprosthesis” sounds like a verdict. Having met low-skilled specialists earlier, people are afraid of such a complex operation.

What is endoprosthesis and why are people so afraid of it?

The prosthesis of a knee joint is a surgery, which main advantage is small invasiveness. In other words, a good surgeon can do the whole procedure through a minimal incision. The main task of the surgeon is to replace the damaged joint with an artificial analog.

Replacement of a knee joint is a compulsory necessity. Athletes and elderly people often need this operation. To date, an operation of this kind is the only chance for such patients to return to normal life.

The result of endoprosthesis performed by a good surgeon is to free the patient from pain and return to a full life. The operation can be prescribed only in case of different kinds of disorders in the joint’s work, which does not allow it to perform its functions normally. Disorders can be a consequence not only of age-related changes in the body but they can also be triggered by traumas, illnesses.

We see people whose lives became like hell because of changes in the joint. Every move, in this case, causes severe pain. In this case, the treatment options directly depend on the degree to which the joint is deformed and how painful the sensations are.

In most cases, doctors suggest replacing a joint with a prosthesis. However, many patients are afraid of the idea of implanting a foreign object in their body. Of course, when referring to an unverified surgeon, this kind of operation is associated with a high risk of inflammation and similar side effects. That’s why you should not take risks and carefully select a specialist.

We will not reveal the secret if we say that today the best surgeons practice in European clinics. Choosing the right option is quite difficult. Look for a specialist with good reviews. The ideal option is to communicate directly with the patient of the chosen surgeon.

The specialists of European clinics have the most modern equipment at their disposal; they possess the latest techniques, which make it possible to carry out complex surgical interventions with minimal risk for the patient.

Patients of our clinics know that recovery after surgery, in this case, is much faster, and side effects are not observed. And, of course, we try to create the best living conditions for our patients, so that their staying in the medical facility was pleasant.

Many patients are afraid of the idea of surgical intervention. But it’s time to forget about prejudices that prevent us from living in peace. Modern medicine offers a variety of options, and the latest techniques allow the surgeon to perform the most complex operation with minimal consequences.

How is knee replacement surgery performed?

Endoprosthesis of the knee joint allows not only to completely restore its functionality but also gives social independence to the patient, allows him to return to normal life, restoring lost workability. The effect of the operation is pretty long.

The operation is prescribed with strong joint destruction but there are cases when the operation is performed because of malignancies or underdeveloped joint. When a tumor is detected, the main task of a surgeon is to remove it and only then it’s time to replace the joint with a prosthesis.

Peculiarities of knee replacement surgery

At the stage of preparation for the surgery, the patient, together with a specialist, chooses the appropriate version of the prosthesis. The surgeon needs the help of the patient since it is necessary to take into account not only the history of the disease and its stage but also the condition of the patient.

In different clinics, different prostheses are installed. Devices differ not only in the material from which they are made but also in the length of service, the comfort of use, and quality. You should take into account all these factors, so you should understand that a good prosthesis will not be cheap.

The operation lasts on average no more than 1.5 hours. During this time, the surgeon produces a small incision through which the damaged joint is replaced by an implant.

Eternal implant and other modern technologies in an endoprosthesis

Technologies are developing rapidly. And what seemed impossible before, today is common and usual. It also concerns medicine. Surgery is constantly developing. Specialists develop new methods of treatment that significantly increase the effectiveness of their work and reduce the risks for patients.

Knee replacement is a complex direction involving risks. For this reason, specialists try to improve the technique of prosthesis installation. To date, only one specialist has succeeded in it and he’s practicing in France.

The technology of prosthesis installation is called “eternal prosthesis”. During such operation, the surgeon does not only install the implant but he also calculates the best degree of its positioning.

Knee endoprosthesis in France

This approach allows you to significantly reduce friction, and prolong the life of the artificial joint. A common prosthesis, installed according to the traditional technology, will serve its owner no more than 15 years and after that, it has to be replaced – the procedure is not pleasant. The joint, installed by the new technology, will last much longer. In most cases, for the patients whose age has reached 50 years, reinstallation of such a prosthesis will not be required.

The new technology of installation of the eternal implant, used in France, reduced the recovery period to 3 (!) Days. At the same time, the risk of infection is one of the lowest in Europe.

The new technology of endoprosthesis also takes into account the fact that the length of the legs of a person can be different. This factor, which is not taken into account by the majority of specialists, also affects the life of the prosthesis. Our specialists perform the operation in such a way that the patient receives legs of the same length, due to which the duration of the prosthesis service is increased.

Knee replacement in France no waiting lists!

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