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New antibiotic

New antibiotic

A new antibiotic Zavicefta capable of neutralizing up to 80% of bacteria resistant to antibiotics is now used by the French clinics. This medicine will significantly reduce the number of deaths caused by this type of bacteria. As there are almost 12,500 victims a year in France (according to the Institute for Public Health Surveillance). This antibiotic was developed by the scientists fighting with the global problem of bacterial resistance. Indeed, bacteria evolve and learn to adapt to antibiotics. In particular regarding the digestive tract bacteria that are nearly impossible to beat with antibiotics.

Why do we need new antibiotic?

What makes bacteria resist antibiotics? And how do they manage to do it? Bacteria develop antibiotic resistance due to innate or acquired genes capable of countering the effect of the most commonly used antibiotics.

The consequences of this phenomenon are a threat to the entire world. For example in 2010 In France there was discovered a carbapenemase-producing bacteria. It was resistant even to the carbapenem antibiotic widely used in the medical institutions of the country at the time. These mutations significantly perplex the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Why is this antibiotic better?

However, Zavicefta consists of two special molecules that serve different purposes. The first one neutralizes the bacterial mutation, and the second one can attach to the wall of the mutated bacteria and make it «explode».

In France, the increasing bacteria resistance phenomenon was taken very seriously. In 2001 the government institutions recommended better antibiotics use to reduce the bacteria adaptation as well as to continue research in this area. Decidedly, the new antibiotic will be welcomed with joy since the pharmaceutical laboratories will be able to continue studying the issue thanks to the profit from the new medicine. Needless to say, however, antibiotics should not be used excessively. You should always let your body try to fight the disease itself.

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