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medicine for the rich

Today, more and more people are not happy with modern medicine. The level of medicine in many state facilities is really poor. And what kind of service can you talk about with a penny salary of medical staff?

It is quite natural that the doctor will not be good-natured when he serves a huge number of people requiring attention at such a low salary. All this leads to the fact that more and more patients prefer to go to private clinics.

Unfortunately, even going to a private clinic does not guarantee the goodwill of medical staff. So what should we do in this situation? How can we get quality help without facing negative?

Medicine for the rich is our future?

The separation of “medicine for the rich” and “medicine for the poor” has been around for a long time. However, the entrenched myth that quality medicine is available only for the rich is a myth that has become obsolete.

Our society is rapidly moving into a bright future, but the scale of globalization leads to the fact that more and more people are thinking about how to maintain their health. Popular broadcasts about health issues partly help. In such broadcasts, you can often hear that modern medicine is in crisis.

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In search of a solution, modern Internet users often address not a specialist, as it should be, but they look for answers on the Internet. It is worthwhile to stop and think: what can people who do not know your state of health and often do not have medical education advise you? Such a path leads to a dead end: problems remain or are intensified.

Meanwhile, there is only one life and it’s up to you how to live it. In many respects, namely you determine your morning, day, month, year… And inner calmness, harmony, and comfort are reached only by you, here even the most competent specialist will not help you.

Our medicine has two sides: the doctor and the patient. On the one hand, it is a real luxury to provide competent help to the patient, thinking only of his interests and safety in the conditions of economic instability. Not every specialist can do this.

Doctors are the same people who have families whose members depend on their well-being. On the other hand, we have patients – most of them are workers of the same state organizations and structures. And it’s not a secret that unemployment in an economic crisis is growing at a crazy rate that does not allow people to go to a paid clinic, making medicine a “luxury”, which isn’t available for everyone.

Unfortunately, the reality is that the doctor can afford to take care of the patient while doing a truly beloved job only under the condition of complete freedom and independence. And it concerns not only the financial side of the issue.

The requirements of numerous laws have led to the fact that modern specialists spend more time filling out the documentation than on communicating with the patient. This allows the doctor not to worry about the punishments from the controlling bodies, helps him to save the workplace.

It is natural that with such an approach nothing good can come out. The specialist becomes mentally tired, becomes indifferent, and performs his work mechanically. Should he be blamed for this?

This is our reality, that “medicine for the poor” is a formal approach of the doctor, his quite understandable desire to protect himself first. Patients of such doctors are forced to go from specialist to specialist in search of answers to their questions, but they receive only papers, wasting time and money on sometimes completely unnecessary medications. So it turns out that such patients pay much more, while still spending their health, killing it with unnecessary medicines.

Modern “medicine for the rich” is quite available to a person with an average income. With the relative availability of this level of medicine, the patient forgets about humiliations, he is not imposed expensive drugs paid by manufacturers, and the attending physician does not force himself to wait, taking strictly at the appointed time.

What to choose: expensive, but the high quality or inexpensive, but with a negligent attitude?

Practice shows that the saying “Cheapest is the dearest” is the rule of life. Everyone has to make his own choice and only he is responsible for this. Relatively “free” medicine is becoming increasingly irrelevant. No one will be surprised when one morning he finds out that now he will have to pay for the services of all doctors.

There is a huge number of private facilities that provide a wide range of services.

However, often in these centers, there are the same doctors from state clinics. In most cases, they do not understand that the requirements in facilities where the patient pays money for the services differ significantly from the requirements in government institutions. The approach remains at the same level: a formal attitude towards the duties leads to the fact that patients have an incorrect idea of all private practice.

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If you want to maintain health and get a decent quality of services for your money, you will have to spend time searching for a good medical center.

Your health and well-being depend on the correctness of the choice made by you, therefore you cannot make mistakes. If you are not ready to risk, it’s better to entrust the choice to professionals who know their business.

Specialists from Medifrance Solution are ready to assist in the selection of a suitable medical facility for any purpose. Whether you want to simply improve your health or have been suffering from chronic diseases for many years – we have a solution in any case.

With us, you will learn that even in the most desperate situation there is a way out if you visit a good specialist.

With us, you will understand that in medical facilities you can count on a human approach and caring attitude to the patient.

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