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Every day more and more people travel abroad for treatment. Medical tourism has become an integral part of our life. People search for treatment options overseas for various reasons: more recent and more effective methods of treatment, better health services, combining treatment with traveling.

If you have made up your mind to be treated abroad, this article will be useful for you. You will learn how to choose the best country for treatment, will learn everything about healthcare providers and will get some useful tips.

• You should travel abroad for treatment only if you really want it.
Your decision should be deliberate and carefully thought out.
We advise you even to make a list of pros. For example:
– I am a public person, so I need confidentiality;
– I doubt the quality of our medicine;
– There are long wait-lists in my country for this kind of treatment;
– This type of treatment is not performed in our country;
– I want to combine treatment with traveling
and others.
! Beware of the new and untested innovative technologies that many foreign clinics offer. It can be risky.

Do not trust advertising. Good medicine does not need to be promoted. Many countries prefer to spend money on advertising their medical services, instead of improving it.
Everyone knows that there are experienced doctors and high-quality health services in Germany, but almost no one knows that in France health services are even better.
Advertising can be different. Write-ups on websites and laudatory reviews on forums are also kinds of advertising.

Consider the following aspects while choosing a clinic and country:
– The activities of doctors and clinics must comply with international standards. This does not mean, however, that the more certificates a clinic has, the better it is. The number of certificates is a marketing ploy. Choose a country where medicine activity is controlled by the state.
– All surgeries should be performed in a clinic with an ISU (intensive care unit).
– Choose a clinic with highly specialized staff.
– You must be guaranteed confidentiality.
– Pay attention to the price. A high price does not guarantee high quality.
– Trust medical agents and health care providers (facilitators)

• Now you will learn why you need a mediator (health care provider) if you want to be treated abroad.
Many people do not trust health care providers. People consider their services a waste of money. It is not so, however. In developed countries, medical providers are representatives of clinics. They deal with organizational issues related to the treatment of international patients. Health care providers are needed both for the convenience of clinics and for the convenience of patients. They deprive the clinic of routine work and help you to settle a number of questions. In France, for example, if you apply for the treatment to the clinic, you will be redirected to a health care provider with almost 100% probability.
A good medical agent values every patient. Do not worry if he does not answer all the questions to you immediately, because his task is to give you relevant information, and this may take some time. A responsible medical agent will never respond to you by rote.
The health care provider can arrange the treatment as quickly as possible. For this, you will have to pay a part of the amount for the treatment not directly to the clinic, but to the medical agency. If you pay directly to the clinic, you can lose valuable time, as the payment confirmation and preparation of the necessary documents takes about a week.

Trust your medical facilitator. Do not neglect his advice. Your cooperation will bring you benefits.
The medical agent doesn’t take money from you for his services. Pay attention to the invoice that you are issued for the treatment. There should not be VAT included. Medical services are not taxed. Therefore, if VAT is included in the invoice, it means that you deal with not a fair health care provider, but with a broker who just wants to resell your medical services.

In countries with developed medical tourism, a well-established mechanism of patient-clinic cooperation has been already formed. Clinics have special departments that deal with international patients. In this case, the healthcare provider is not necessary. However, it is much more pleasant to be treated in a country where medicine is not commercialized.

• There is no necessity to sign the contract before surgery in many countries. In some countries, all medical activities are strictly controlled by the state. The rights of the patient and the obligations of medical staff are clearly defined in the Civil Code, Criminal Code, and other legal instruments.
You are to sign only an agreement for the surgical intervention. This agreement warns you of potential risks. There are no articles in this agreement where the doctor relieves himself of responsibility in case if something goes wrong. In developed countries such as France, the doctor and the medical staff are always responsible for their activities.

Respect doctors and behave not as a consumer, but as a patient. Some foreign patients believe that since they pay for their treatment, medical staff should treat them in a special way. In countries with high-quality healthcare, all patients receive excellent medical treatment.
Not all countries, however, have the approach above-mentioned.

If you are in doubt where to go for treatment, we can prompt you the ideal medical direction. It is France. If you do not believe us, visit France and see for yourself!

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