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Male plastic surgery is less popular than female plastic surgery. Nevertheless, services of plastic surgeons will help the man to correct not only disadvantages of his appearance, but also will increase his self-confidence. The most popular male services are body contouring surgery, facelift surgery, liposuction and intimate cosmetic surgery.

Male plastic surgery: fears and stereotypes


Societal stereotypes don’t prevent the increasing number of men from finding “their” plastic surgeon. Today male plastic surgery is not a rarity, therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to correct the shortcomings which prevent you from living a happy life.

Among patients there are not only celebrities which shine on the red carpet, but also there are businessmen, athletes, politicians, and representatives of other spheres. Modern men even more often realize that appearance is one of the best guarantors of a successful life.

However, you should know that for men it is much more difficult to address plastic surgeons. The reason is obvious – it is a public opinion. Often people treat leniently woman’s decision to visit the plastic surgeon, but towards men the situation is different.

It is especially difficult to make the decision concerning rejuvenation or intimal sphere. You shouldn’t be afraid of a plastic surgery because it is much easier to correct the reasons of complexes than to live with them, being afraid of the opinion of people around.

Body contouring surgery: Your journey towards perfection


Body relief problems are the most common. Men are eager to get a flat stomach, tighten up a figure. Of course, such result can be achieved without the help of the plastic surgeon, however, not everyone has time for the gym.

plastic surgery for men

In that case, the plastic surgeon can become a go-to guy. The good surgeon will be able to make the patient thinner, return his youth. Often new abs on the stomach after the operation motivate to go to the gym in order to keep the good shape.


Male plastic surgeons work in the following areas:


  1. Removal of fat deposits in problem zones. Liposuction is done in this case (more information below). In most cases, problem zones are defined individually during the first consultation.
  2. The second area is abdominoplasty or “tummy tuck”. Abdominoplasty helps the man to get rid of a stomach when fat deposits are not local. The good surgeon can return the patient an attractive body. It will be much quicker than in the gym. Anyway, it is better to make the decision only after the consultation with the specialist in the field of abdominoplasty.
  3. Often men choose “tuning” which allows getting a desirable relief. It is done by means of implants and gel. The patient gets a relief breast and tibia. Such procedure is the best solution for those who have been traumatized or have congenital defects of appearance.

Liposuction: start a new life without excess fat


Women still prevail among the patients who want to get rid of excess fat by means of liposuction. However, the popularity of this service among men is rapidly growing. At the same time, men decide to do the operation for various reasons: someone dreams to get rid of a big stomach, someone just wants to improve his body. Anyway, male liposuction changes not only appearance but also saves from a set of complexes.

Modern men know that it’s possible to get an ideal body without spending a lot of time in the gym. If you want to get the body of your dream, become self-assured and get rid of a set of problems with excess weight – find the good plastic surgeon who will easily cope with your problems.

The most frequent question by our clients is the following: Is male liposuction different from female liposuction? There are practically no differences in the procedure for women and men. The surgeon uses the same methods and techniques both for the male and female liposuction.

However, the specialists know that the structure of a male body differs from a female body and they are recognizing this fact. First, men have fat deposits mostly in the area of stomach and sides. Secondly, rehabilitation for men is longer than for women, and the probability of formation of visible cuts is much higher.

And yes, men always choose the maximum option allowing to remove as many fat deposits as possible. For these reasons the good surgeons working with men choose methods allowing to remove a lot of fat with minimum skin traumatizing.

Liposuction can be done both under local and general anesthesia. The preferable option is chosen during the consultation with the anesthesiologist. The consultation is necessary before the operation.

How to get rid of gynecomastia


Gynecomastia is one of the most widespread problems among men. In many cases, the enlarged breast is not only the result of excess weight. There are a lot of cases when it is the result of medicines. In the second case, there is no need to address surgeons.

Often gynecomastia develops with age because of diseases. In that case, surgeons will help to solve a problem. It is solved quickly by means of liposuction. However, it is better to consult with the attending physician or show the surgeon your medical records before a final decision is taken.

plastic surgery in france

Intimate cosmetic surgery for men


The intimal topic is one of the most sensitive for men. The size and shape of a penis often become the reason of development of complexes. However, these problems can be solved by means of plastic surgery.

But only professionals of high qualification can successfully increase the length of a penis, change his form or size. Also, they can solve other more serious problems and return you the joy of life.

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