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We tested it! Read our and our patients’ review!

When it comes to plastic surgery, we usually imagine famous actresses and wives of millionaires. The combination of words plastic surgery itself is associated with something luxurious and gorgeous. However, during the first weeks after the surgery, the patients’ appearance and state of health are far from this imaginary picture. The situation is worsened by the need of wearing post-surgery compression underwear, which easily copes with its medical function, but looks very unattractive.

Why is it necessary to wear post-surgery compression underwear?

First of all, it depends on the type of surgery. For example, after the breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction, the surgeon prescribes compression lingerie for optimal breast maintenance or for the implant to be in the correct position. As for such plastic surgeries as abdominoplasty, body lift or liposuction, the compression underwear here is also an integral part of postoperative recovery. This lingerie helps to improve the skin tone and the shape of the body, also it serves as a barrier to different external stimuli and negative impacts. However, the most important benefit is that it reduces edema and positively affects blood circulation.

For being really useful and effective, post-surgery underwear must meet certain requirements and parameters, such as the shape, the strength of compression and others.

While wearing compression lingerie there is always a subjective factor. First of all, ladies prefer comfort and appearance and often do not take into account the medical component.

Indeed, post-surgery underwear manufacturers absolutely ignore their appearance. The woman returns to a normal mode of life in a week after the surgery, but sometimes it is required to wear the underwear for more than a month. Many women are not scared about this fact and they easily get used to this item of clothing – they continue to wear it after the recommended terms, even without taking it off.

A Frenchwoman from Nantes, Stephanie Romanets, during a conversation with her friend, who had recently undergone plastic surgery on her breasts, was impressed by the fact that modern post-surgery compression lingerie is not always comfortable, and the worst thing is that it is absolutely ugly and unattractive. The post-surgery period is quite difficult for patients, and in most cases, they do not care what kind of bra they wear, especially when there is a risk of staining it with blood or lymph. No woman wants to spoil her expensive and beautiful lingerie.
However, the arguments against the gorgeous underwear did not convince Madam Romanets – she entered into the creation of the unique and comfortable luxury post-surgery compression underwear.

We do not know if Stephanie herself underwent plastic surgery, but we think that not. And here is the explanation to it.


Our experience of wearing post-surgery lingerie Embody Paris and our impressions

We bought three different models of bras of Embody Paris brand. Two of them were for Marina, who was going to have a breast augmentation surgery next week, and one bra was for me, although I underwent plastic surgery long ago, in 2010.
I ordered the cheapest variant of the bra branded Pur, and Marina ordered Glam and Lux. It is worth mentioning that the website and pharmacies in France that offer these underwear have different prices. The website prices are much lower, but I do not dare to name this lingerie cheap, because the cheapest version of the bra costs 90 euros, and the most expensive – almost 200 euros. However, the brand positions itself as a luxury brand. In addition, plastic surgery itself is not a cheap procedure, so 200 euros less, 200 euros more – it does not matter at all. Maybe this is the logic of the creators of Embody Paris. Although we must admit that the closest competitor of this brand, the world-famous French brand Medical Z, also has high prices for their underwear.
Embody also offers panties, complete with a bra. But when we saw how these panties dig into the skinny model’s body, we dreaded to guess what would happen to us after putting them on.

Despite the differences in prices, we decided to order the underwear in the pharmacy, as there is a possibility of fitting. However, we also surfed the site in order to make the right choice. The site is fine enough, but it works too slowly, the navigation on the site is extremely inconvenient and incomprehensible. The range of models is minimal, but an elite brand of lingerie implies it. In general, the bras are very cute and unusual, as if they were created not for medical purposes. The brand offers not universal underwear, so if you want to wear it after edema reducing, you need to order 2 bras of different sizes. The second bra should be smaller than the previous one.

To our disappointment, there were only a few models in the pharmacy. We ordered the sizes blindly, without fitting.

At last, we received our package!

The package had arrived on the agreed day, the day before Marina underwent surgery. To our disappointment, all bras were put into one rag bag, tightened with a rope. There was no catalog, no bill, no note in the bag. We even doubted whether it was really elite lingerie. In addition, they sent us the wrong bra. Instead of Glam model, Sport Сhic came to us, which is a bit cheaper. The color was black, although Marina had ordered a cream color, especially for summer. All this spoiled our first impression of the expensive purchase.
However, we were pleased by the fact that all the fasteners in the bra were magnetic. It greatly simplifies the process of putting on and taking off. By the way, magnets are presented in all models, even on shorts and panties.

Our impressions after a week of wearing compression lingerie Embody.

Marina’s underwear fitted her and she liked it. She said she had never seen anything like that.

As for me, the bra straps were not tight enough even at a maximum fastening. Moreover, the Pur model did not cover the whole breast. The creators of the underwear do not take into account the fact that after the surgery nipples are placed much higher. As a result, during the sleep on the side, the breast falls out of the bra. In other respects, the bra is quite comfortable and cute.

A month later…

Marina began to complain about the constant unfastening of magnets and a very weak compression.

I also had problems with the magnets, and my bra looked as if I had been wearing it for a year: the threads began to stick out, the color faded, and the bra seemed shapeless.

Summing up! Pros and cons of the luxury lingerie Embody.

  • Pros:
    – It’s made in France, and it’s handmade;
    – Magnets instead of buckles look very unusual and stylish;
    – It is very cute indeed;
    – It is comfortable and not tight, nothing rubs, the fabric is very nice.
  • Cons:
    – Unreasonably high price;
    – The package is badly equipped;
    – Low level of service (site works slowly, the color and model of the bra were mistaken);
    – Poor quality;
    – Weak compression.

Finally, we want to say, that if we had an extra money we would like to buy another bra of Embody brand – not for post-surgery wearing, but as an option for daily wearing.

We hope that the manufacturers will take our experience into account, and they will create not just beautiful underwear, but a beautiful compression medical underwear. Anyway, the idea of Embody brand is very interesting and your breast deserves getting acquainted with it.!

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