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Fast-paced culture, stress, junk food, all these factors influence the quality of our sleep and eventually lead to insomnia. The average sleep range of today’s society is 7 hours whereas before we used to sleep for about 9 hours. However, quality sleep is essential for cell regeneration and proper body functions. It should be known that the regeneration of certain cells normally happens between 22:00 and midnight, however, many people don’t go to bed before midnight which may deprive the process of regeneration.

There even is a connection between sleep quality and gaining weight because we to burn a lot of calories during sleep. People who suffer from insomnia and don’t get enough rest tend to overeat during the day to feed up the tiredness.

Paradoxically, even in a state of extreme fatigue caused by excitement some people cannot sleep. What can we do to prevent insomnia?

– Being physically active is necessary for better sleep because oftentimes brain gets tired, but body doesn’t.

– Making bed immediately after waking up helps to start a new day. One should only stay in bed for having rest and no other activities such as eating or working.

– Taking all away the screens (television, mobile phone, etc.) from the room facilitates falling asleep. It is important to switch off WiFi to reduce the influence of parasitizing waves.

– Good nutrition is essential. The last meal of a day should be very light, consisting of vegetables or non-sugary foods in order to minimize body stimulation before sleep. Furthermore, it is important not to eat right before going to sleep.

– Taking a bath with a few drops of essential oil before bed is recommended to unwind after a long day and relax body muscles.

– Noting down feelings or problems is useful for clearing mind up and sleeping peacefully. For example, if you blame a person for something, you should write them a letter. Likewise, in order to stress less about an important upcoming event, it helps to write a detailed plan of actions.

– Reading something not interesting is yet another effective method of inducing sleep, on the other hand reading something entertaining can encourage dreaming.

– Finally, getting in a natural sleeping position. Laying on the back and looking up with closed eyes sends the body a signal that it is time to rest.

It is essential to have a restful sleep in order to deal with the life’s daily hassles and prevent insomnia, so good night!

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