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What is immunotherapy?

Immunotherapy is a treatment which provides the body with substances stimulating the immune system. It’s a well-known fact that the human body is both complicated and great as it has an immune system fighting against diseases. Once immunity detects a foreign body, it will do everything to neutralize it. Unfortunately, it does not work with cancerous tumors, because immunity can not detect a tumor in order to exterminate it. This is where the immunotherapy treatment plays a key role in making cancer cells visible for immunity.

Immunotherapy may be performed on the whole body or locally in both preventive and curative purposes. The main benefit of immunotherapy is that it does not weaken the body as it happens in the case with chemotherapy that destroys everything in its path. The results of chemotherapy are often not conclusive, and sometimes it can be rather harmful than healing, especially when it comes to the elderly or small children. This is why researchers around the world are working hard every day to find an alternative to this aggressive treatment.

Why cannot we use it in all cases?

Another way to treat cancerous tumors is surgery. It is important for the surgeon to not leave any cancer cell in the intervention area since this may have the opposite effect, making the tumor stronger and more destructive. Unfortunately, it is impossible to do a surgery for all types of cancer, especially in advanced stages or when there already are metastases. In addition, doctors have noticed that people who have had cancer are more likely to having another one. This is why preventive treatment is so important.

But why then we are still not using excessively such treatment as immunotherapy that exists for over 30 years now? The problem is that just like chemotherapy, immunotherapy can cause some lighter side effects. But the main obstacle for the researchers lies in the fact that the treatment doesn’t work in certain cases. This is what the French biotechs such as Innate Pharma, Neovacs, Transgene, Hybrigenics are doing every day.  They have done an excellent job already and will continue to work on unharmful and effective treatment.



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