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Food influences our health, but can it influence our body odor and provoke hyperhidrosis? For decades, we have been watching the resistance between meat lovers and those who prefer to abstain from animal source foods. Vegetarians often become the object of mockery for people who do not see their lives without a long rump. However, there is a strong tendency of giving up meat.

Is the complete rejection of animal products a rational choice?

Certainly, meat is a food with long digestion time. Ptomaine fission is a complicated chemical process that can turn the secretion of a person into an unpleasant odor (hyperhidrosis). However, doctors believe it is important not to deprive oneself of meat or fish, let alone dairy products since these are major suppliers of calcium, micro- and macro elements necessary for the proper body functioning. In addition, animal proteins are better assimilated by the body than those of vegetable origin. Therefore, we can say that total rejection of animal products might have adverse impacts on the body functioning. This is also the main argument of the meat lovers team.

Unfortunately, people are not worried about how meat is produced today. Thanks to intensive breeding, antibiotics and other ”magical” technologies, meat consumption becomes more and more harmful. It only takes discovering how the KFC chicken is produced for not willing to consume meat ever again. Salmon, the product that is a priori very good for health, became dangerous as well.

Of course, when we do not see the immediate impact we prefer to turn away from the  environmentalists’ alerts by saying that it is all just marketing. But we can understand people who don’t eat meat when we are disturbed by the view of how animals are treated in slaughterhouses. However until now nobody died from meat refusal or vice versa, so we can see that it is rather a personal position and a personal choice and as long as we don’t try to impose our choice on others, which happens often enough for both sides, it’s alright.



What is the best solution against hyperhidrosis?

However, the best solution is to find a balance and to consume in a responsible and conscious way. It would be better to eat less meat, but of good quality (organic, small local producer) rather than put everything in your mouth with no restriction. It is not tragic if you feel bloated and heavy, but in worst case scenario, you’ll end up obese with cardiovascular disease or even cancer. It is important to pass on to our children the responsible way to consume and choose the foods that are good for them!

France is one of many countries that has a beautiful culture and gastronomy. We should learn from French people the art of culinary and high-quality nutrition.

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