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The earlier unknown phenomenon of infertility has become a widespread issue for the past 20 years. Nowadays, 16% of couples have difficulty with conceiving a child.

Among the most common causes of infertility, there are sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia. This disease goes completely unnoticed causing “scars” that can block the Fallopian tubes of women and, thus, prevent procreation. However, with the help of laparoscopy (celioscopy), it is possible to unblock the Fallopian tubes to facilitate procreation. Therefore, laparoscopy (celioscopy) is an essential procedure. To prevent the risk of STDs that can cause infertility, it is crucial to use protection and go for regular health screening tests.

Male infertility.

Regarding male infertility, it is often caused by unhealthy lifestyle (smoking, drinking, physical inactivity). Researchers also relate fertilization failure to the lack of protein. It is important to adopt a healthy lifestyle at an early age to avoid any risk.

There may also be cases of malformation of the male reproductive system and female reproductive organs. Although they are rare phenomena, these defects can reduce the probability of conceiving. Nonetheless, there exist solutions to regaining fertility. Even in cases of malformations, there are medical techniques of organ reconstruction which notably increase the chance of procreation. For example, a first womb transplant operation has already been performed on a patient that had Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome.

Another important factor can be age. It is more difficult for aging reproductive systems to conceive. In such case, it can be helpful to use the sperm bank to hedge against the age. Indeed, many sperm banks offer the possibility of freezing sperm and keeping it safely for a long period of time.

Female infertility.

Furthermore, another current infertility causeĀ – ovarian failure can now be cured. In fact, there was developed a new treatment that reduces the influence of PTEN gene allowing a significant fertility boost.

Likewise, at this moment, there is a possibility to create fertile sperm from stem cells. Although this technique is still in the development phase, it remains a unique and innovative method of making fertility accessible.

We can notice that despite the rise of infertility in the world, there exist innovative solutions to prevent this phenomenon and reverse the trend. Clearly, this issue is taken seriously by all scientists and physicians that are keen on finding the best resolution.

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