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How can one fight hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis means excessive sweating. This adverse phenomenon envenoms lives not just in summer. Men and women suffering from hyperhidrosis cannot wear a beautiful outfit if sweat stains are evident on it. Antiperspirants are not simply ineffective; they also, unfortunately, leave stains on clothes. According to rumours, aluminium as their component may cause breast cancer. Currently, there is one relatively effective French antiperspirant Rogé Cavaillés, but this option is suitable for mild sweating only.

Firstly, you should detect the cause of excessive sweating; please consult your doctor in order to exclude possible hormonal disorders and diseases. If your level of sweating is just a constitutional peculiarity, never say die, there is a way out!



A possible solution can be an antiperspirant sticker which should be applied in the evening once a week; it prevents sweating and appears highly effective in moderate hyperhidrosis. This product is called EtiaXil, and it is produced in two variants, for normal and for sensitive skin. The weaker sex representatives are strongly recommended to use the sensitive skin variant. EtiaXil is marketed through pharmacies as over-the-counter product.

The next option for solution of this problem is more expensive, but acts longer, for 9 to 12 months. This involves injections of botulinum toxin-based drugs. Botulinum toxin inhibits impulse transmission at the level of postganglionic nerve fibres. This means that the order to start functioning simply does not reach perspiratory glands. This procedure can be performed, besides axillary area, in feet area for prevention of sweating and foul odour. Many men experience daily uneasiness during handshaking due to excessive hand sweating. Botox injections into palm area become an optimal solution of this problem.

You should never feel stuck in such situation. Modern technologies offer your numerous ways of dealing with such uncomfortable aspects.

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