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It is no secret that programs of weight loss have to be individual, in strict accordance with individual characteristics of an organism of the specific person.

Only your attending physician knows about individual characteristics of your organism, and only the expert in this area can choose an optimal variant of the program of weight loss. For this reason, in European countries, only specialized clinics deal with the issue of weight loss.

how to lose weight

Facilities of this sort are more like sanatoria and SPA health resorts than like traditional clinics, therefore, it’s very comfortable to grow thin in the created conditions. Besides the person is constantly in the society of adherents, that’s why the result will be the most effective.

Why is an independent selection of the program ineffective?


In most cases, people with excess weight are eager to find “magic wand” which will turn an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan with a wave of a hand. However, being engaged in search of wonderful drugs and wonderful diets, we often forget that all people are different. If the diet or dietary supplements helped your friend, it doesn’t mean that they’ll help you.

Needless to say, the majority of the advertised drugs are dangerous to health in case of their misuse. Frivolous approach to the question of weight loss can even become the reason of a lethal outcome.

If you decide to get thin by means of drugs regardless of their origin, do not be lazy to consult your attending physician. Sometimes such drugs contain the substances causing allergic reactions, and consequences of their taking are simply unpredictable.

Speaking about diets, which can be found in public sources or can be bought for a certain sum, it is worth noticing that they mostly use the same principle – decrease in the number of food intake.

Alas, but this method in the majority of cases leads to serious problems with health. And it’s not just about physical but also about the psychological well-being of the person.

Any refusal to eat is a stress for an organism, which leads to unpleasant consequences. And by the end of a diet in most cases, weight comes back to a former indicator, and at times even exceeds it.

Obesity treatment

How to lose weight properly and effectively


Intelligent weight loss is a harmless process aimed at health improvement. It is natural that you couldn’t know about the most effective way to improve your body from friends, colleagues, journalists or bloggers.

Only the team of experienced specialists can choose the optimum program of weight correction. We will emphasize that it is a teamwork as weight loss includes not only food but also our psychological spirit and many other factors.

Having missed at least one of them it is possible to forget about good results. Intelligent weight loss will never be associated with torture, flour or violence to yourself. Under the leadership of experienced specialists, the person completely changes his way of life including the relationship to food. Only such integrated approach can guarantee that lost kilograms won’t return again.

Such approach is a rarity for our reality while in European countries people grow thin only in this way, valuing their health and time. European specialists in the field of weight correction developed a huge number of methods, which help to find the most effective individual combination based on medical indications and contraindications.

Modern methods of weight correction


Today if you want to correct weight it is possible to go both to the specialized clinic of France or to the plastic surgeon. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

With the help of plastic surgeons, you can get rid of extra kilos quickly but if your way of life remains the same, they will quickly return. At the same time, weight gain after liposuction can turn the man into the semblance of a caterpillar – it’s not an image you wish to cherish. Services of plastic surgeons cost pretty much, therefore, it is twice frustrating when fat comes back again.

The second option is specialized facilities which aim is to help the patient to change his way of life. In that case, the team of highly qualified specialists including psychologists works with each client.

Often facilities of this sort are located in picturesque places, allowing to combine business with pleasure. The disadvantage of this method is that it is not as quick as plastic surgery; however, the effect of this course is longer.

Duration of the effect is due to the fact that the patient has got the correct relation to food and the way of his life changes.

The culture of weight reduction is the whole direction, which is not used in CIS countries. Many people still think that the next advertising empty shell will save them from excess weight for the entire life.

Just count the money you’ve already spent for weight loss. As soon as you know the sum, you will understand that the best option is to address the competent specialists. Such approach will not only allow saving money but also it will help to get rid of excess weight without harm for your health.

Obesity treatment

Today the French specialists offer the patients various techniques of weight loss among which it is possible to name:

  • thalassotherapy;
  • thermal water treatment;
  • selection of the individual nutrition program;
  • selection of the individual physical activity program;
  • manual lymphatic drainage and many others.

For each patient specialists create conditions under which weight loss doesn’t lead to the excess emotional charge. The atmosphere in the clinics helps not only to lose weight but also to get rid of chronic fatigue, restore the health.

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