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As summer is approaching, we begin to wonder how to get in shape and lose those kilos we gained during the winter holidays. The bravest will get back to diet and physical exercises, but there are those who have no time or motivation for the “classic” weight loss methods. Here are a few easy methods that can be strange but effective when applied regularly for a while.

Effective weight loss

Effective weight loss

The string around the waist.

This method is particularly useful for people with a small belly that do not stand straight naturally. It consists of putting a thick string around the belly for 21 days. It shouldn’t be too tight but simply “felt” to remind you when the abs are not contracted. To effectively burn abdominal fat, simply uphold the belly and slightly contract the muscles. The abdominal muscles must always be contracted, even if it may seem bizarre, it is actually their natural state. Once you get used to it, you will not notice it anymore. That is why making it a habit will not only burn fat permanently but also help improve your posture since the abs are involved in the process of holding up our trunk. It is essential to put the string in such way that you do not feel it once the abs contracted, but you feel a little pressure when the abs are relaxed. Thanks to this weight loss methos it is possible to remove around 7 cm of belly in one month.

Oolong milky tea.

Drinking about 3 cups of this type of green tea can speed up your metabolic system by approximately 30%. It is worth remembering that slowed metabolism is one of the reasons why people gain weight. Generally, a good way to boost the metabolism is doing physical exercise. The great thing about this milky tea is that it is very tasty, although it is not recommended to put sugar in, plus it has an unprecedented antioxidant effect. Above all, it is a good way to consume enough water throughout the day. You can find this rare tea in specialty stores. Note that it shouldn’t be in teabags and the water temperature should not be 100°, but 90° or 80°, however, it may be brewed twice in the same cup.

Cryo sauna.

The positive effects of the cold on the human body are known since the 1970s. It can strengthen capillaries and boost the hormones production. But it also can be used as a weight loss method. It’s an interesting fact that today there are beauty salons that offer the cold treatment in various forms. For instance, there is a cabin looking like a vertical tanning booth where during only 3 minutes nitrogen vapors can drop the temperature up to -170°. The procedure is actually very nice and you feel very well afterward. During these 3 minutes, the body burns about 700 calories which are equal to approximately one meal serving! Moreover, it makes the skin firmer, fights against cellulite, and strengthens immunity. You can lose weight, tone and rejuvenate the skin in just 10 sessions (1 session every other day). The cryo sauna has various indications such as psoriasis, acne, eczema, spine diseases, headache, stress, insomnia, male and female health, pancreatitis, post-surgery rehabilitation, and osteoarthritis. Please note there are following contra-indications: cancer, fever, heart disease, blood disorders, hypertension.

Shirataki noodles.

Dukan diet enthusiasts should know the nearly calorie free food produced from the perennial plant of the Araceae family. These food products are extracted from its bulb and cooked mainly in Japan. In western countries, we can easily find the konjac noodles in supermarkets in the bio / dietary rays. A serving counts less than 20 calories which can halve the total meal calories number. It should be noted that these products boost food transit and can help keep a proper intestine functioning.


It is a respiratory gymnastics that involves deep breathing in followed by breathing out all the air to the point where the belly is stuck to your back. Subsequently, it is necessary to do very easy small exercises. The principle is to create a slight oxygen deficiency and then to breathe a lot of it in. According to the creator of this weight loss method, Greer Childers, oxygen is a fat burner. Many supporters of this quite a strange method have managed to lose weight and tone up their muscles. The videos with the “oxidising” exercises can be easily found on the Internet by looking up the word “Bodyflex”. You will surely notice results starting from the second session, and eventually, your belly will become unrecognizable.


This method is useful for the skin toning and fighting against cellulite. The idea lies in adding a little bit of red pepper in the lotion you apply after taking a shower. Pepper will warm the skin up and make it red to activate the blood flow which accordingly enables the metabolic processes.

Here is the list of some weight loss tricks, thanks to which (when combined with a small dietary effort) you can achieve very good results in a short time.

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