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A secret of defined cheekbones.

Nowadays, there is an obvious trend to sharply defined cheekbones, sunken cheeks, and cheek dimples. Doll-like chubby cheeks are considered sweet in children only, while many adults have complexes about them, especially when someone attempts to pinch their cheeks with involuntary shouts like “Oochie-сoochie-coo”! Many people become indignant as their weight loss has no effect on cheek plumpness. How could it be then, that such beauty as Jolie, having chubby cheeks (though being rather slim, which is noteworthy) in childhood, got sharply defined cheekbones by the age of 30? In this brief article, we would like to tell you about some little secrets helping to make the face much narrower and finally get rid of “Ryazan” cheeks complex.

The power of make up.

Highlighting” makeup technique that broke the Internet several years ago is out of fashion nowadays; besides, putting on so much makeup, which blocks the pores and deprives the skin of oxygen, is not the best option for your skin. Nevertheless, cheekbones delineation manner can be adopted from this technique. Sharp cheekbone effect can be achieved by using matte dark rouge. There are many video tutorials on this topic, which can be found on Youtube or Instagram.

Defined cheekbones

Example of defined cheekbones

What are the other options?

The second option is hyaluronic acid injections into cheekbone area in order to make them sharper and more pronounced. This option is more suitable for people whose face is not plump, but who have no sharply defined cheekbones. The effect of this product maintains for about 8 to 12 months; if good results are achieved, the use of implants may be considered so as to avoid regular repetitions of the procedure.

The last method, highly effective and affordable, is buccal fat removal. These fat pads initially have two functions: facilitation of milk suckling process for babies and protection from external injuries and damages. These pads are not connected with total fat deposits, which is why, even if you lose a lot of weight, your cheeks and face volume remains generally the same. These pads are removed under local anaesthesia through a small incision from the inner side of oral cavity. The face remains swollen for a week, but the first result can be seen already in a month.

It is very important to find a good high-qualified surgeon, as this operation is carried out close to the nerves, and it takes just one false move to paralyze facial muscles forever. Whatever the case, the result frequently depends on the initial pad size; their thorough visual examination and palpation allow the doctor to assess their size. If your buccal fat pads are large, you should realize that they tend to descend over time and form preterm nasolabial folds, and then, even lead to “mastiff” effect.

In extreme cases, the plump face problem can be solved by liposuction only.

In conclusion, I would like to share a little advice. There is no point torturing yourself under the pressure of fashion, especially if your appearance suits you and you feel comfortable. Under the French Sun King, plump cheeks were in fashion, as they were considered an indication of welfare and good health. It is absurd to torment yourself only because something is “fashionable”.

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