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Fatigue. Everyone knows what it is. People have to work to live. Either physically or mentally, but they have to work. Any sustained effort will sooner or later cause chronic fatigue. Biology of this phenomenon has been studied and understood long ago. The mechanism of fatigue, strange to say, is very important. Because of chronic fatigue, people develop stamina, physical strength, and, indirectly, willpower. After the exercise, a person experiences a peaceful fatigue, self-satisfaction and satisfaction in life. The physical and mental bodies are harmonious and complementary. Such a state of mind and body allows a person to solve any problems and to cope with all the difficulties, which cause only passion.

Now tell me, which one of you had such feelings at least once in his/her life. It seems, you cannot remember. Then what do you remember? Mornings, when you cannot get out of bed, when you have to kick yourself to work, when you completely lost any interest in life, when melancholy consumed your head and there is only one desire – to get to bed as quickly as possible, fall down and do not move, do not even think about anything.

Chronic fatigue


Is it actually a disease?

You are very lazy! You are a true faker! You’re absolutely healthy! Shame on you! Doctors said this each time they heard complaints of chronic fatigue. The best they could advise as a treatment was a walk in the fresh air and exercise. The fact is that the medical practice has refused to recognize chronic fatigue as a disease for a long time, thus giving it a head start and allowing it to grow stronger. Only in 1984, doctors officially recognized a new disease that had infected mankind. It happened in America, in the state of Nevada, in a small town-resort near Lake Tahoe. More than two hundred people turned to Paul Cheney, a practitioner in that town. Complaints were the same: severe fatigue, decline of mood, irritability, desire to hide under the blanket and do not stick out. An experienced reader would object, “How so? People go crazy alone, it is the flu that infects all together!”

Lets’ try to understand, why America?

Western culture, with its short-lived and changing trends, high-leveled technocracy, eternal race for the social benefits by all means. Unemployment and uncertainty about the future, overall fast pace of life – these are the first reason voiced by the doctors after examination and study of the patients. A generalized portrait of people with the symptoms of “chronic fatigue syndrome” was drawn up. They are middle-aged (30-45 years old), most employable, socially energetic, and mentally active people. An interesting nuance was observed: the majority of patients had been successful, ambitious businessmen only yesterday. They had been patriots seeking to express themselves, to be ahead of everyone, and as a result, had not slacked up and rested.

Why do we do this to ourselves?

The modern pace of life does not allow a person to relax. Protective body’s resources are strained all the time, which leads to stress, heart attacks, strokes and many more other nerve-caused diseases, and now the “chronic fatigue syndrome” as well! I must say that all this is sad. If many of the diseases of the nervous nature are well studied, the nature of chronic fatigue syndrome has not been studied yet. Its causes can be fantastic, for example, the environment, social system, technocracy, infection, genetic predisposition, etc.

Some experts believe that the main cause of chronic fatigue symptome is disorder of self-regulation in the central nervous system, in particular, in its temporo-limbic part primarily responsible for the interaction of the autonomic nervous system and the central nervous system. The autonomic nervous system is responsible for the proper work and interaction of all organs and systems. Any failure of this interaction turns a person into an out-of-tune musical instrument, with all that it entails. Another possible cause of CFS is arabinol – a toxin secreted by certain fungi of Candida genus living in the human body. When the immunity is weakened, fungus is activated, and the toxin secreted by it can serve as a trigger for chronic fatigue syndrome.

But what can we do against chronic fatigue?

Hypotheses, hypotheses and hypotheses! Until the real cause of the chronic fatigue disease is determined, doctors can only provide supportive therapy: auto training, hypnosis, vitamin therapy, tranquilizers, reflection therapy and acupuncture, a healthy, balanced diet, active rest, positive emotions. In addition, there is a special group of drugs called “Adamants”.

They include kemantan and bromantan, which are immunomodulators and which have antiviral effect. Unfortunately, it must be admitted that there is no cure for CFS at the moment. All that we can advise is to keep a healthy lifestyle and forget about greed!

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