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Many people heard about the possibility of getting rid of unpleasant and delicate problems with the help of the latest medical equipment, in particular – the Da Vinci Surgical System. Nevertheless, there are many prejudices about this method of treatment.

da vinci robotic prostatectomy

Da Vinci Xi Surgical Robot

Today, advanced medical facilities offer their patients a possibility to eliminate existing problems in the field of urology not in a standard surgical way, but with the help of the latest model of the surgical robot Da Vinci Xi.

However, not all patients are ready for such a procedure. In most cases, the cause of fears of our patients lies in misunderstanding. Only experienced and responsible specialists are ready to fight for the patient’s life, explaining to him the advantages of technologies in treatment.

It is worth noting that the possibility of curing with the help of the robot is far from new technology. The first surgeries using the surgical system were performed in 1999, but many heard about this type of surgery only relatively recently.

Since the first launch of the surgical system, it has undergone significant changes, due to which it was possible to reduce incidental injuries and also reduce the size of the cuts. However, the system, presented in 2014, shocked even the most ardent skeptics.

Da Vinci Xi is a system by which it is possible to carry out full-fledged complex surgical interventions. Things that previously seemed impossible nowadays are firmly established in the practice of the world’s leading medical centers.

Patients, first faced with the need for such operation, are usually full of doubts.

However, it is worthwhile to understand that the surgical system, developed by leading specialists, cannot make independent decisions, it does not work autonomously.

The Da Vinci Surgical System is a technique that can only be controlled by an experienced technician. The success of the surgery depends on the specialist who controls the robot. Many people often misunderstand the definition of “remote control”, thinking that you can control the robot from anywhere in the world.

Do not worry about this. The specialist selected by you during the operation will be near you. The main advantage of the system is not in the possibility of remote control.

Specialists appreciate the robot for the unique possibility of performing surgical intervention using miniature instruments. Nowadays, thanks to small-sized instruments, surgeons can avoid large cuts and minimize the risk to the life of the patient.

Another advantage of the robot is the ability to see something that cannot be seen with a standard surgical procedure. The specialist who controls the robot receives valuable information that helps to obtain better results.

robotic surgery in france

An operation by the latest version of Da Vinci Surgical System XI

The improved system, presented by developers in 2014, has several advantages allowing to perform even more accurate and successful operations. Among the main innovations specialists name:

– relief of anatomical access. It is achieved by improving the architecture of manipulators;

– more compact and flexible tools of the updated system allow to get a picture of HD quality and enhanced clarity;

– the possibility of free attachment of the endoscope to any manipulator;

– reducing the size of the manipulators and changing the design of the hinges allows to provide greater freedom of work of a specialist;

– elongated rods, which increased the reach of the robot.

The use of the Da Vinci Surgical System

In the rating of the operations performed with the use of the surgical system, the leading position belongs to oncology. Prostate cancer is the most common case. The new generation robot allows to successfully cure not only prostatectomy but also gynecological, urological diseases, it is also used in cardiac surgery.

Using a surgical system can reduce the risk of recurrence of the disease and the development of complications by 60%. Moreover, patients operated with a robot are released from the hospital much faster. On average, the duration of their stay within the walls of a medical facility is reduced by 30%. The risk of side effects is also reduced by 40%.

However, for many clinics, this technique is still only a dream. Such a deplorable condition of medical facilities can be partly considered a positive factor for the patients, since not every surgeon can perform operations using the robot. Only after years of training with a large experience of surgical practice, a specialist will be able to perform a successful operation using the latest equipment without risking the life and health of the patient.

da vinci robotic prostatectomy in France

The leading specialist in this field was and still is the outstanding French surgeon Michel Belas. Michel is the pride of western France. Patients trust only him to carry out operations in the area of the bladder and prostate. For more than 5 years, the surgeon has successfully performed operations using the Da Vinci robot.

Having a wide experience of treating diseases in the field of urology, the French surgeon can easily perform not only the installation of artificial sphincters and penises but also the removal of tumors of various complexity, prostatectomy.

The success of Michel’s practice is not only limited to a great practical experience, but also to a powerful theoretical basis: the surgeon has long years of research work and training in leading educational institutions in France.

Experience and knowledge of a specialist are very important in any field, especially when it comes to the life and health of the patients. Only by trusting an operation to the best specialist, you can be sure that you wake up after the operation being a healthy person.

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