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On the eve of the holidays, before the beginning of the bathing season and vacation, any woman has a question: how can she quickly and effectively get in great shape?

In most cases, women go to the gym, go on a strict diet or use harmful additives that are permanently destructive to health.

The most desperate women go to plastic surgery clinics, where they undergo a plastic surgery. However, very few know that modern aesthetic medicine offers a huge number of options for solving the problem of excess weight. You do not have to die in the gym, go under the knife of the surgeon, limit yourself in nutrition or take strange substances.

One of the most popular procedures recommended to people suffering from excess weight is cryolipolysis or fat freezing. The procedure is popular due to the opportunity to acquire the desired forms without surgery and any health risk.

Next generation non-surgical liposuction

In general, the procedure is considered not medical but cosmetic. The solution to the persistent problem is suitable for both women and men.

Local fat deposits are removed without surgery, and non-surgical liposuction occurs smoothly, without spikes and stress for the body.

The cost of one procedure is quite affordable, and its duration is about 1 hour. However, to achieve a good result, plan several procedures. In most cases, specialists recommend a course of 3-4 sessions.

What is cryolipolysis?

Non-surgical liposuction is quite a new technique, but its effectiveness has already been proven – thousands of positive reviews that can be found on the web evidence this. A technique is used exclusively for non-surgical liposuction. Fat freezing is based on the effect of low temperatures on the body cells (subcutaneous fat).

It is worth mentioning that not everything that is called cryolipolysis in Russia and the CIS countries is really cryolipolysis. This procedure is carried out only on two machines: Zeltiq and Crystal. All other options are poor imitations that will not give results because certain conditions are necessary for the fat tissue to break: temperature, absorption, time, and so on, which cannot be provided by analogs of the above-mentioned devices.

These conditions are severe enough, so only a doctor can do the procedure, otherwise, you can freeze the tissues. In Russia and the CIS countries, as a rule, the procedure is done by everyone, and in fact, it can be considered a pseudo cryolipolysis.

The impact on the human body during the procedure is quite powerful; however, it is carried out selectively and directed, so you shouldn’t have to worry about the damage to surrounding tissues. The doctor who conducts the session will only affect the zones where this is really necessary. In most cases, you can see the result from the procedure after the first session.

The main result is the destruction of subcutaneous fat.

One procedure of a real cryolipolysis removes about 4 cm. However, it can be done no more than once every two months, otherwise, the kidneys may shut down.

The procedure can also be found in literature and on the Internet under a different name – CoolSculpting. In fact, CoolSculpting is cryolipolysis, which is carried out only on the device Zeltiq.

How can I lose weight with the help of cold?

Cryolipolysis is based on the properties of cells in the human body. Namely, on the different reaction of cells to the effect of low temperatures. It’s no secret that different types of cells have different degrees of resistance to cold. It depends not only on the properties of the cell itself but also on the speed of blood supply, metabolism inside the cell and so on.

Do not worry about the possibility of damage to skin cells, as they are sufficiently resistant to low temperatures. Skin is very tolerant of the effects of cold and is quickly restored after the procedure. This is justified by the constant interaction of skin cells with the environment.

Another thing is the fat cells that appear in the human body with the purpose of accumulating nutrients. Such cells do not interact with the external environment, therefore they are not resistant to low temperatures. The absence of a protective mechanism is quite logical, since the cell is in an environment where the temperature is fairly stable, so there is no need to protect it from the cold. As a result of the fat freezing procedure, subcutaneous fat cells are damaged and die, absorbing with time.

Who’s a match for cryolipolysis?

Cryolipolysis is quite popular, however, it is not suitable for everyone. Fat freezing is the ideal solution:

  • for people who have excess fat in the abdomen (in front and on the sides). This zone is considered the most difficult for correction by other methods since fat accumulated in the abdomen is the work product of the hormonal system. No other method will give you such a result for such terms;


  • for people with fat deposits in the area of the knees, arms, hips. In these cases, it is also possible to eliminate the drawbacks of the figure with the help of fat freezing. In doing so, you will spend much less time and effort on correction.

fat freezing for men

How does cryolipolysis work?

At the consultation, the doctor assesses whether this method is suitable for the patient or not. If the patient is obese, the effect of cryolipolysis may not be enough. It is more appropriate for such a person to go on a diet, and with local deposits in more than two zones, liposuction will also be much more effective.

The ideal client for fat freezing is a person who does not have excess weight, but who has a problem area. For example, many women often have fat deposits at the sides or hips.

The number of sessions will depend on the thickness of the fat layer:

Before the procedure, a special clamp measures the fat layer. This layer should not exceed 8 centimeters.

If the patient has a fat layer of 4 cm or less, then one session will suffice. If it’s more than 4 cm, you’ll need 2-3 sessions with an interval of at least a month, since excess fat after the procedure is excreted through the lymphatic system and the kidneys are working full-time after the first procedure.

That is, if you are told to do it every week – then this is not a real cryolipolysis.

As we already wrote above, average removal is about 4 centimeters per session. Centimeters remove not during the session but within a month after the session.

The session lasts 50 minutes, it can be conducted everywhere, including the double chin. Each zone implies a special shape of the nozzle, which sucks the zone and cools it down to a temperature of minus 8. This temperature should not be lower, as there can be frostbite and subsequent decay and necrosis of the tissue. It also should not be higher as the procedure will be ineffective.

At the very beginning of the suction, there are painful sensations since the real devices Zeltiq and Cristal have a high suction power. Pain is wearing off gradually.

The cryolipolysis procedure lasts 50 minutes. The device cannot be configured for a long time since there is a security system. During the session, the doctor regularly comes up and asks if everything is all right. At the same time, he can consult and comes up between consultations.

At the end of the procedure, the suction cups are removed and you can feel the pain. The treated skin looks like a frozen gold bar of red and blue color. The doctor’s assistant is doing a message to restore blood circulation, he also puts a soothing cream on.

non-surgical liposuction

Within a month after the procedure, the treated area will itch and noticeably decrease in size, the urine will be dark and concentrated. The result is felt after two weeks. Bruises usually disappear within 2 weeks.

Feelings after the procedure of cryolipolysis depend on the individual characteristics of each person: someone is recovering faster, someone is slower, and someone feels pain while turning around in the first days after the procedure.

In Europe, only a doctor has the right to carry out the cryolipolysis procedure, since it is considered dangerous and can lead to unfortunate consequences. If it is wrong, you cannot get the desired result but you can get frostbite on tissues, kidney problems, burns, and even the opposite result.

And it happens! Scientists study this process, and they still do not fully understand why some people have the opposite build-up of fat deposits in the treated zone.

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