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Treatment abroad is always a responsible decision that requires careful analysis. Getting into an unfamiliar country all alone without knowing the language is not the best prospect for any person, especially if he needs urgent medical care. The risk, in this case, is unacceptable. Consider carefully when choosing a direction and medical facility.

The modern market consists of three main well-established areas: Germany, France, and Israel. However, Israel and Germany are the directions that are in demand among patients, so more often on the Web, you can find negative feedback about local clinics.

treatment in france

In conditions of increased demand, specialists started overstating the cost of services, while the quality of services is rapidly declining. Especially many negative reviews can be found from the patients of Israeli clinics, so this direction should not be considered.

Today, medical tourism in Israel is a direction where the risk of falling into the hands of scammers is very high, so it’s better not to risk your health. Therefore, we will not consider this country, but we’ll compare the treatment in Germany and in France and find all the pros and cons.

Treatment in Germany: advantages and disadvantages of German clinics

German clinics are a kind of brand of quality in the understanding of people. However, this has long been untrue. Of course, like any other direction, Germany has a number of advantages, but shortcomings can also play a decisive role in your choice.

Why do the patients like German clinics:

best treatment in France

Excellent technical equipment of medical facilities

However, this advantage is practically in every modern European clinic. Even state medical facilities successfully apply the latest equipment and drugs in their practice, due to which the success of treatment is much higher than in the clinics of the post-Soviet area. It’s sad, but Russian clinics lag behind Europe for 5-10 years in their development.

High level of service

Specialists of German clinics are an example of the right attitude to their official duties. In Germany boorishness = dismissal, so doctors always smile and are happy to see patients. Constant attention, goodwill and strict compliance with the prescriptions are the trademarks of Europe.

Highly qualified specialists

Medical education in Europe is a long and intensive process, which allows getting specialists who are 100% ready for practice.

Rapid introduction of innovative techniques in practice

The efficiency of the introduction of the newest inventions in practice is the result of combining practice in medical facilities with scientific activity. Scientific research is an obligatory condition for every specialist working in a medical facility. Because of this state approach to the training of specialists, medicine is developing rapidly, offering clients faster and safer ways of treatment.


Germany is a country with a low crime rate. The Germans are disciplined and strict, and therefore the society of this country is stable.

Disadvantages of treatment in Germany


However, along with these benefits of treatment, there are disadvantages that must be taken into account when choosing this country for restoring health. The main disadvantage of treatment in German clinics is the high cost of services. German university clinics are one of the most expensive in Europe. At the same time, high cost does not mean an increased quality or comfort.

Even in Germany itself, there are a significant number of facilities that are willing to help patients for a less significant amount. However, it is not always possible to find a cheaper option that specializes in solving a patient’s problem. You can spend a lot of time searching, disappointed in the end.

France: the pros and cons of treatment in French clinics


France in the minds of most patients is associated with relaxing at sea and exploring the sights. Few people consider treatment in this country. This is due to the fact that for a long time French doctors did not accept foreign patients and only recently the clinics became available to immigrants from other countries of the world.

In this regard, little is known about treatment in France. However, it is the main advantage of the direction. Foreigners do not spoil specialists; therefore, the price tag for services is much more pleasant than in German clinics.

treatment in France

France is a country in which care for patients is brought to a qualitatively new level. The main value for local specialists is the patient’s health, and not his wallet. That is why the percentage of successful treatment in this country is much higher than in Germany. Not for nothing that the services of French doctors are recognized as the best in the world even by specialists from WHO.

The equipment of French clinics is one of the best not only in Europe but also in the world. Patients come to local clinics for advanced treatment not only from neighboring countries but also from America, the UAE, and Asian countries. Many automated systems, which are a luxury for Russian specialists, are an ordinary tool in the clinics of France, which allows providing quality assistance to patients. One such system is Da Vinci’s robot, which you can find in every clinic.

As we have already said, in France, in the first place for any specialist is the patient’s health. It is connected in many respects with the policy of the state. Any specialist bears personal responsibility for his patients. Thanks to a conscientious attitude to their duties, French doctors deserved a good reputation throughout the world.

Surprisingly, with this approach, the French offer their customers a more attractive value. Many are wary of such a low cost in vain. Affordable French medicine is the result of the correct approach of the state, which does not set high taxes for foreigners.

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