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Cerebral stroke

Cerebral stroke

Impeccable cerebral stroke treatment service of French clinics

The level of medical services in France is considered one of the highest in the world. French doctors are known to be highly qualified and clinics and hospitals – to have quality services and modern facilities with advanced technologies. The quality of diagnostic devices can guarantee a perfectly accurate diagnosis in order to begin treatment immediately. In France, the process of cerebral stroke treatment is clearly elaborated.

It should be noted that such surgeries are performed within four hours after the accident. It is important because after this time there might be possible complications that can lead to permanent disability. For example, in Russia, there is a lack of neurological services with necessary equipment and qualified personnel. On the contrary, in France, the modern diagnostic equipment allows to define the area of brain damage clearly and start the operation without delay. Also, the special devices that can reach and remove thrombus from the arteries are widely used. And let us not forget the high-quality pharmaceuticals that are administered to the patient.

How many people are affected

In Russia, cerebrovascular diseases are one of the main causes of death and disability. Thus, each year, 450,000 people suffer from a stroke. The mortality indicator in Russia is 4 times higher than in the US and Canada. Among European countries, Russia ranks first in terms of mortality from cerebrovascular diseases. In France, each year 150,000 people suffer from a stroke, which is three times less than in Russia. Of course, it is related to the fact that French medical system was ranked number one by WHO.

Brain stroke is certainly a scourge that affects the whole world. Stressful lifestyle, bad habits, poor nutrition and environmental pollution… all these are the factors leading to the development of this disease. Even if you are young and don’t think about being in danger yet, you should start living a healthy lifestyle to preserve your physical and mental health for as long as possible!

Treatment in France Medifrance Solution

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