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Cancer causes

Cancer causes

Despite the fact that scientists and doctors still do not know the exact cancer causes, they have managed to establish the factors that trigger these gene mutations. Let’s look at a few of them and how we can reduce the risk by slightly changing our habits.

Some of our everyday habits that may be cancer causes

For example, antiperspirants containing metals are considered to be one of the main breast cancer causes. With the clogged pores and troubled perspiration comes lymphatic stagnation that is never good for the health. In addition, the wrong size bra can also prevent proper blood and lymphatic circulation that is necessary for the body functioning. We often wrongly think that breast implants can be one of the breast cancer causes, but in fact, there is no proven correlation between breast implants and cancer. However, this statement is valid only when for the breast augmentation performed in safe places with quality equipment. Which is why one should seriously choose a plastic surgeon and breast implants company and seek the best quality possible.

It is believed that excessive meat consumption can also trigger tumors because meat digestion is a very slow chemical process during which toxic reactions can occur. Fears about the meat are not confirmed by scientists, nevertheless, it is true that the way to prepare it can make it a harmful product. For example, it is much better to steam or bake meat than to fry it. One important thing is that the meat contains great nutrients, but you need to choose it with great attention. It’s no secret the agribusiness uses industrial methods for the rapid animals growth. All these antibiotics and hormones animals are fed with can afterward be found in our body. So to avoid the risk of the meat’s bad influence it is recommended to limit its consumption and to bake the good quality meat.

Positive vibes only

Lastly, the majority of cancers, especially in the digestive organs, occur because of stress. It is a very common cancer cause. With the pace of modern life, it is difficult to remain calm and many people experience enormous stress which affects their health. Doctors were able to demonstrate the link between anxiety and digestive system. In fact, our abdomen is very sensitive to stress, thus, in stressful situations, its work is disturbed causing digestive disorders, bloating, and irritation of the large intestine. In such cases, doctors recommend taking the minor tranquilizers. That is why stress can be one of the digestive system cancer causes. To help the body fight against the hassle it is recommended to take 10 minutes rest several times a day to relax and think about nothing. Moreover, dietary supplements taken regularly will help the body manage stress and limit its impact on our health.

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