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What is dermopigmentation?

Derma comes from the word skin, pigmentation comes from the word pigment or paint over. Dermopigmentation has a long-standing reputation in France. With the help of this mini-invasive technique, both women and men effectively cope with scars, burns and even stretch marks.

Dermopigmentation uses natural colors and a special device that paints problem areas in order to smooth them.

Dermopigmentation is very similar to permanent makeup, however, the device for dermopigmentation is slightly bigger and has more needles for faster processing of the whole area. At the same time, the penetration of the needle is less deep.

Paints used in dermapigmentation differ in composition: they are still very rare, and they cannot be found everywhere. Also, like the device itself, these paints are much lighter than those used in permanent makeup, however, their color does not change with time and remains very natural, which makes it possible to get a perfect result.

From the outset, dermopigmentation was used for women after breast surgery (breast reconstruction, reduction, enlargement or breast lift), as often, it is the T-shaped incision that is made around the nipple.

In the doctor’s office, many plastic surgeons in France have a specialist in dermopigmentation. This is especially common for reconstructive surgeons, who often have to restore patient’s appearance after the accident.

Today, dermopigmentation is used in almost all cases of dissatisfaction with the appearance. For example, men can make the effect of a two-day beard or the effect of grown hair, and, most surprisingly, it looks very natural.

Dermapigmentation in France

Dermopigmentation can help in case of:


  • Burns;
  • Scars;
  • Malformations and deformities (congenital and acquired);
  • Scars;
  • Stretch marks;
  • Imitation (hair, nipples, beard, etc.).

Disadvantages of dermopigmentation:

  • Often, several sessions are required for a perfect result;
  • Insufficient or excessive uniformity and smoothness of the skin directly affect the result;
  • Inaccessibility and the high price of this procedure.


What is it necessary to know before choosing dermopigmentation:


  • In case of burns and scars, it is necessary to wait sometimes before the color and texture of the skin will stabilize.
  • Permanent makeup and dermopigmentation are not the same, and you need to be very careful not to meet charlatans who, under the guise of dermapigmentation, provide services of permanent makeup. It is much worse if the pseudo-specialist uses a synthetic pigment, which is almost impossible to remove in the case of an unsuccessful result. And the risk of failure, in turn, goes up many times if you use non-adapted instruments.
  • Instruments for dermapigmentation are very expensive and work on the principle of aerograph, that is, spraying.
  • To date, this aesthetic procedure is performed in France by Doctor Jean Louis Durand.
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