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This operation is particularly popular among women suffering from breast ptosis. The breast ptosis is the first and most widespread indication for lifting.

It is often the reason of development of complexes, especially, when a loved one derisively calls female breast “spaniel ears”. The emerging stretching lead to the fact that the breast loses its shape and falls down, externally “separating” from its top part.

Different reasons can provoke ptosis development: from banal fast weight loss to the problems in breastfeeding. Not only the enlarged breast but also the small one can be the cause of ptosis development – in such cases, specialists speak about an oligotrophy of a mammary gland.

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What is the aim of the operation?

The specialist models the breast through the impact not only on skin but also on a gland. Efforts focused on removing extra skin that helps to return the breast its normal position and attractive form. It is performed when the gland is in the correct position. Woman gets beautiful breast, with an areola and nipple in the right place.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to do such surgery without stitches as edges of the cut-off skin have to be sewn. At the same time the form of a scar depends on the breast ptosis: if the ptosis is big it’s in the shape of a T.

The main aim of the operation is to return the breast its old form and attractiveness. For this purpose, the specialist first of all has to return the areola and nipple into place, lift a gland, increase its concentration and clean extra skin. Only thus it is possible to return beautiful and tight breast.

If the patient has insignificant ptosis, the specialist will offer a “vertical” method at which it is possible to avoid the horizontal scar which is usually located in the fold under the breast. In addition, this method leads to an appreciable decrease of scarring. Some patients have scarring only around an areola provided that ptosis was insignificant.

And in the case of the breast hypoplasia more radical solution is proposed. It includes fitting of a prosthesis which will allow the breast to return its lost size. Thus the specialist will be able to improve the cleavage of the patient. For such operation, it isn’t necessary to delete vast skin areas, therefore, scars after the operation are insignificant in size. In most cases the specialist prefers to delete extra skin around the areola – then the scar isn’t evident, linking with the areola.

It is worth understanding that such an operation can be performed only when the breast is completely formed. It is necessary to plan a plastic surgery very thoroughly as within 6 months after the operation the woman is not recommended to plan a pregnancy. Particular attention must be given to the fact that such operation doesn’t lead to an increased risk for breast cancer.

Preparation stage of the operation

48 hours before the planned time of the operation the patient is advised by an experienced anesthesiologist – it will allow avoiding unpleasant consequences of the operation.

Standard check-up before such procedures usually includes mammography, ultrasound and chest x-ray. Other examinations are made if there is a prescription of the specialist.

Patients should remember that 30 days before the planned time of the operation it is worth forgetting about addictions, in particular – about smoking as it can become the reason of deceleration of stitches healing. It will be possible to smoke no later than 30 days after the operation.

Moreover, women are recommended to stop taking oral contraceptives, therefore, it is necessary to plan such operation under the direction of experienced specialists.

10 days before the operation, if possible, it is worth excluding medicines. This especially relates to aspirin.

How is the operation going?

The breast lift is done under anesthesia; the patient is sleeping. It is necessary to stay in the hospital only for 1 – 2 days.

The planning operation, the woman, first of all, has to choose the specialist. Every specialist has his own methods developed by long-term practice. They allow receiving the most attractive result on a case-by-case basis.

After the operation, it is also necessary to be ready to wear modeling band-aid and ace bandages which are made strictly individually.

In the total duration of the operation averages 1,5 hours, but in cases with a strong breast ptosis duration of the operation can reach 3 hours.

breat lift in franceHow is the restoration going?

After the operation patients accept light painkillers allowing to get rid of the pain. The first view in a mirror can shock you because it’s almost impossible to avoid bruises and swellings after the operation.

In 1-2 days the first bandage will be removed and replaced by a milder one. It will also be made individually. After that, it is possible to leave the clinic, but in a couple of days, it is necessary to visit your surgeon for the examination so it is not appropriate to leave the country.

Make sure you have underwear which can effectively hold your breast. It is necessary to wear a bra 24 hours daily within 30 days.

From 8 to 20 days after the operation stitches will be taken off.

For 1-1,5 weeks it is better to forget about work. And it is possible to resume sports activities only in 1-2 months after the operation.

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