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Brain tumor operations

Brain tumor operations

The hospital of Angers uses an awake patient surgery for the brain tumors operations since the 2000s. The principle sounds simple, the neurosurgeon stimulates the brain areas near tumor with electrodes. It helps him avoid functional areas responsible for motor skills or language. As crazy as it sounds, it has actually proven its efficiency.

What is the story behind brain tumor operations?

However, for one Philippe Menei’s patient they had to find a trick to get around visual connections that were very close to patient’s tumor. The latter had already lost an eye due to an eye disease. This is why it was important to for the patient to not lose his vision. This is why the astute physician suggested to his patient to wear 3D glasses during the brain tumor operation.
As reported by France Info, 3D glasses put him into a relaxing environment. They were showing him images and bright spots to test the visual field during the operation. With his descriptions, the patient proved that the neurosurgeon did not touch the brain connections of the optic nerves.

What are the achievements of French scientists?

According to the French Medicine Development Association, the medical achievements of France never fail to amaze the world and to inspire further research. Especially when it comes to brain tumor operations. French medicine has enormous heritage and old traditions thanks to Laennec, Pasteur, Tessier and many other scientists who made numerous important medical discoveries. The achievements of French scientists continue to astonish the world. Artificial heart, cell therapy, surgery robots, and that is just a small part of the French contribution to the development of medicine. The French health care system recognized by the WHO as the best in the world. Furthermore, the technological infrastructure of all health care facilities in France is one of the most efficient and advanced ones. French doctors are known to be one of the most highly-qualified specialists in the world.

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