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Today not many people can be surprised by surgeries. As soon as possible, people try to correct their appearance, bringing themselves closer to the ideal. One of the most popular surgeries today is brachioplasty.

The essence of surgical intervention is to eliminate the existing shortcomings on the inside of the shoulder. In most cases, brachioplasty is carried out simultaneously with liposuction, correction of shortcomings on the abdomen and correction of the breast.

brachioplasy is one of the most popular surgeries

When can a doctor recommend brachioplasty?


An operation of this kind is not carried out to eliminate any deficiencies that are harmful to health. Its only purpose is to give a beautiful contour to the arms. Most often aged people have problems in the upper part of the arms when the skin is not so elastic, and it starts sagging.

However, the cases when brachioplasty is necessary for young patients are not uncommon.

Flabby skin can be provoked by a sharp decrease in weight, pregnancy, and hormonal disorders.

In some cases, the operation will require treatment, which will eliminate disruptions in the body and only after that, a good surgeon will take on the correction.

What is the expected effect of the operation?

Patients, who decided to have brachioplasty, note a visible change in the contours of the arms. A good specialist will help you to remove the flabbiness and wrinkling of the skin at the top of the arms, restore the turgor.

The effect of the surgical intervention, in this case, is quite long: 7-10 years you won’t worry about the condition of your arms.

Preparation for the surgery

Any surgical intervention is a stress for a body, so the patient’s task is to prepare as much as possible for the forthcoming operation. Usually, all rules for the preparation are told by the specialists you will visit before the operation.

The first consultation with a surgeon will allow you to understand what effect you should expect from the procedure. Also, the surgeon will find out whether there are obvious or hidden contraindications to the operation, he will also appoint an examination.

A standard examination before any kind of plastic surgery involves not only the blood and urine tests but also the ECG, as well as HIV, syphilis and hepatitis tests. Also, the surgeon appoints a coagulogram.

A month before the forthcoming operation, you should carefully monitor what drugs you take by abandoning those which dilute blood.

What is the correction of the upper arm?

A standard operation involves general anesthesia, so before it is carried out, you will also need to visit an anesthesiologist. The surgeon will need 1-2 hours to return attractive contours to your hands. During the operation, a fairly large cut is made: from the shoulder to the elbow.

However, you should not worry about the scars, since the cut is made on the inside of the arms. The cut is necessary for the surgeon to be able to pull up the tissues located on the surface to the muscles and remove excess skin. After all the necessary procedures have been carried out, the surgeon sutures.

Be prepared to wear a compression bandage after the plastic surgery. The duration varies from 2 to 4 weeks and is always set individually.

Recovery after the plastic surgery

You won’t need a long-term stay in the hospital. You can be released from the hospital on the second day. During the next 2-4 days, you will need to take painkillers, as the patients often experience pain and discomfort in the seam area.

Any operation has the risk of inflammation, so do not panic when you are prescribed antibacterial therapy. It is also worthwhile to be prepared for the appearance of hematomas and swelling in the seam area – this is the inevitable consequence of any operation. As we have already said, there is no need to worry about the seams. Over time, they pail and become almost invisible.

brachioplasty in france

The recovery is especially difficult for sports lovers since the rehabilitation involves the refusal of physical activity for 2 months.

Rehabilitation after simple plastic surgery is pretty painless, but you should forget about saunas and bathhouses – this will prevent the development of infections.

Contraindications for brachioplasty


At the first consultation, the surgeon will determine if you have any contraindications to the surgery. You should be prepared for the refusal. This can happen if you have a number of diseases.

A good surgeon will never do plastic surgery if the patient has problems with blood coagulability or there are inflammatory processes in the body. Also, direct contraindications include

  • – diabetes;
  • – respiratory system diseases;
  • – diseases of the cardiovascular system.

If you were refused, referring to contraindications – you should not look for another specialist. Unjustified risk and the desire to lie under the scalpel at all costs can turn into a fatal outcome.

Complications after brachioplasty

Brachioplasty is a fairly easy operation, so the risk of complications is not so high. If you go to a good clinic, it is completely zero.

In rare cases, patients may have a keloid scar after the surgery or a hematoma. If the conditions of rehabilitation are violated, the patient may experience the development of inflammation, which is often accompanied by concomitant infections.

Plastic surgery in france

Whom should you contact for brachioplasty?

Any, even the most simple operation requires a high qualification. You should understand that only under this condition you could be guaranteed an excellent result and the absence of risk to life and health.

It is universally recognized that French specialists are the best in their business. Clients of French clinics note the high level of service, the professionalism of the clinic staff and quite democratic prices in comparison with Israel and Germany.

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