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Medical tourism. Tips for patients.

Medical tourism. Tips for patients.

Trust your medical facilitator. Do not neglect his advice. Your cooperation will bring you benefits.
The medical agent doesn’t take money from you for his services. Pay attention to the invoice that you are issued for the treatment. There should not be VAT included. Medical services are not taxed. Therefore, if VAT is included in the invoice, it means that you deal with not a fair health care provider, but with a broker who just wants to resell your medical services.

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How plastic surgeons mislead their patients?

How plastic surgeons mislead their patients?

Many patients simply follow all mentioned fashionable chips and choose themselves what kind of plastic surgery to undergo. So a real professional will never agree to operate such ladies, even if they offer much money. Thus, we see that for a good surgeon the aesthetic component is more important than the financial one.

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The first luxury post-surgery compression underwear Embody.

The first luxury post-surgery compression underwear Embody.

The package had arrived on the agreed day, the day before Marina underwent surgery. To our disappointment, all bras were put into one rag bag, tightened with a rope. There was no catalog, no bill, no note in the bag. We even doubted whether it was really elite lingerie. In addition, they sent us the wrong bra. Instead of Glam model, Sport Сhic came to us, which is a bit cheaper. The color was black, although Marina had ordered a cream color, especially for summer. All this spoiled our first impression of the expensive purchase.

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Restoration of ligaments without bolts reduces postoperative rehabilitation to 6-10 days. Those who have already dealt with restoring ligaments can say that this is practically impossible. That is why French surgeons are so much valued: they work on the brink of the impossible, practically doing miracles for their patients.

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Medicine for the rich

Today, more and more people are not happy with modern medicine. The level of medicine in many state facilities is really poor. And what kind of service can you talk about with a penny salary of medical staff? It is quite natural that the doctor will not be... read more
The use of the da Vinci Surgical System in urology

The use of the da Vinci Surgical System in urology

Many people heard about the possibility of getting rid of unpleasant and delicate problems with the help of the latest medical equipment, in particular – the Da Vinci Surgical System. Nevertheless, there are many prejudices about this method of treatment. Da Vinci Xi... read more
Male plastic surgery

Male plastic surgery

Male plastic surgery is less popular than female plastic surgery. Nevertheless, services of plastic surgeons will help the man to correct not only disadvantages of his appearance, but also will increase his self-confidence. The most popular male services are body... read more
Obesity treatment. New life after the operation

Obesity treatment. New life after the operation

Today every second resident of the developed countries is concerned about excess weight. In some countries, the percentage of people having excess weight is close to 60 – 70%. Unfortunately, in some cases this problem isn’t only social, it also poses a real... read more

Breast lift in France

This operation is particularly popular among women suffering from breast ptosis. The breast ptosis is the first and most widespread indication for lifting. It is often the reason of development of complexes, especially, when a loved one derisively calls female breast... read more

Rhytidectomy in France

Today facelift consists of several types of demanded procedures by means of which it’s possible to correct disadvantages of appearance arising on a face and a neck with age. In most cases patients prefer facelift. With the help of experienced professionals, they have... read more

Interesting medical facts P.2

Interesting medical facts We all strive to learn more about our bodies and can never just pass by another “Did you know…?” Read this article to learn some interesting medical facts you haven’t heard of before or click on part one to find out... read more

Interesting medical facts

Interesting medical facts We all strive to learn more about our bodies and can never just pass by another “Did you know…?” Read this article to learn some interesting medical facts you haven’t heard of before or click on part two to find out... read more

How Does Vitamin E deficiency Affect Human Health?

Probably everybody has already heard about the enormous benefits of vitamins, particularly of vitamin E. So how can vitamin E deficiency influence our health? What is actually vitamin E and what is its crucial influence? Vitamin E (also known as tocopherol) plays role... read more

Deadly fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Fatigue. Everyone knows what it is. People have to work to live. Either physically or mentally, but they have to work. Any sustained effort will sooner or later cause chronic fatigue. Biology of this phenomenon has been studied and understood long ago. The mechanism... read more

Homeopathy. Purposes and methods of treatment

Purposes of homeopathy The purpose of homeopathy is to treat not some certain disease symptoms, but the whole body of a sick person. Thus, homeopathy is based on the holistic treatment of diseases. For a homeopath, the general condition of a patient and its mental... read more

Psoriasis. Prevention and Treatment

What is psoriasis? Nowadays, psoriasis is by far one of the most intractable non-communicable diseases. It manifests itself in the form of peeling and itching of the skin, putting the sufferer to a lot of troubles and causing constant discomfort. How do we deal with... read more

Micro elements for a macro result.

It is a known fact that we have to consume vitamins, macro and micro elements in sufficient quantities for the proper functioning of our body. These elements are naturally present in our food but, unfortunately, our eating habits and quality of products do not always... read more

Cryorevolution or can we use cold to treat cancer?

The Dijon University Hospital has used cryotherapy on a malignant tumor for the first time. After years of studying, this painless and minimally invasive technology could revolutionize cancer treatment. What is the cryotherapy technique? This simple technique consists... read more

Sleeping pillows that help prevent neck wrinkles.

Skin aging is inevitable. It is always disappointing to find new wrinkles on the face. But it is even more sad for a woman to discover the morbid folds on the neck area which is a powerful weapon of seduction. Unfortunately, it makes many women feel uncomfortable and... read more

Does our food affect our body smell?

Food influences our health, but can it influence our body odor and provoke hyperhidrosis? For decades, we have been watching the resistance between meat lovers and those who prefer to abstain from animal source foods. Vegetarians often become the object of mockery for... read more

Cryolipolysis, liposuction by cold

Cryolipolysis, liposuction by cold. As often happens, some areas of human body are less susceptible to weight loss than others due to certain constitutional peculiarities. These frequently include abdomen and body sides in men, and hip area or internal thigh portions... read more

How can one fight hyperhidrosis?

How can one fight hyperhidrosis? Hyperhidrosis means excessive sweating. This adverse phenomenon envenoms lives not just in summer. Men and women suffering from hyperhidrosis cannot wear a beautiful outfit if sweat stains are evident on it. Antiperspirants are not... read more

A secret of Hollywood cheekbones

A secret of defined cheekbones. Nowadays, there is an obvious trend to sharply defined cheekbones, sunken cheeks, and cheek dimples. Doll-like chubby cheeks are considered sweet in children only, while many adults have complexes about them, especially when someone... read more

Effective weight loss tips

As summer is approaching, we begin to wonder how to get in shape and lose those kilos we gained during the winter holidays. The bravest will get back to diet and physical exercises, but there are those who have no time or motivation for the “classic”... read more

Can we slow down infertility?

The earlier unknown phenomenon of infertility has become a widespread issue for the past 20 years. Nowadays, 16% of couples have difficulty with conceiving a child. Among the most common causes of infertility, there are sexually transmitted diseases such as chlamydia.... read more